Wersi Ex-1 Expander (oas) Specs & Price

I was searching the net for Wersi EX-1 Expander based on OAS technology and I was depressed when I saw that Wersi’s official website (wersi.net) is only in German, and I don’t know German at all, other sources seemed to be outdated or not reliable. It would be appreciated indeed if anyone would introduce a source containing info about Wersi products’ technical specs (specifically EX-1 Expander) and their current prices. :)

EDIT: I really hate Renoise forum’s topic titles :angry: Look at the topic title above, it’s supposed to be: “Wersi EX-1 Expander (OAS) specs & price”! And now it looks disgusting :wacko:

For whatever it’s worth this has absolutely nothing to do with Renoise or any of the Renoise team. It’s a “feature” of the Invision Power Board software this forum runs on. If this feature cannot be adjusted in the board’s admin control panel, then someone will have to go in and manually edit the .PHP scripts themselves. As you can imagine, this is probably not a big priority for the Renoise team. :)

(Sorry, can’t help with the Wersi stuff)


Yes I know and I had not any intention to mention Renoise Forum in the post. Of course this is a feature of Invision Power Board, but such terms like OAS really and completely lose their personality. :)