West Midlands Renoise Users

Are there any Renoise users in the West Midlands, UK? Fancy meeting up some time?

I was thinking maybe a meet & greet, a small talk/presentation and then pub?

People could present how they work with Renoise and/or small tips. I could do some scripting lessons if people are interested. Obviously only a presentation if people want one.

Reply below if you are interested.

Mane is from Herefordshire I believe but that’s the closest I know of… (And only because it’s my hometown.)

Yes that would be good. Where about in the west midlands are you thinking??

Seriously. Let’s do this. I really want to meet up with other Renoise users and sort out some of the stuff I can’t seem to work out. I can host if you want? I could book a pub function room or something and promote to others around here. what you saying?

I agree, a meetup would be nice, even if it ends up just being a single occurance.

I’m travelling a lot for work at the moment, so a meet-up on a Saturday afternoon/evening would be the best for me.

Birmingham ok for everyone? It has good transport links to most places.

I know of myself and one other who may come in addition to yourself Mane.

I thought I saw another user on here who had set his location to Birmingham too?

could possibly make the journey, not too far from bristol! would be hard pressed to be persuaded it would be worth it though ;)

I would expect to walk away from this a renoise master.

A Saturday afternoon/evening in Birmingham works fine for me. :) Shall we try and set a date in early Dec??

I’m assuming this was slightly tongue-in-cheek, but just in case it wasn’t…I wouldn’t expect to learn every detail of Renoise from a meet-up like this. I think the idea would be that we share whatever knowledge we have. I’m certainly a very novice Renoise user/producer but I hope I would have at least one little tip or piece of advice that was useful to someone. If I came away from this having learned one new thing about Renoise properly I would be happy. These forums are great but I think it’s much easier to learn new things face-to-face…
Anyway I hope you can make it. If you’re already on the verge of becoming a Renoise master I’m sure you’ll have plenty to share ;)

I’m from Telford which isn’t too far away so I could possibly come along. Although I rarely leave the house.

safe im from wolves ;)