Wet/dry Control On Effects

As it stands, there are effects in Renoise that I wish had wet/dry controls but don’t (the filter and compressor in particular), and there are certainly VSTs with which I have the same issue. I’m proposing that all effects should have a way to control the balance of wet/dry coming from them that’s independent from the effect itself.

I’ve been wanting this for a while, but recently had an idea about a handy way to implement part of it, namely, how it could be controlled. As it stands, effects have the XF00 and XF01 commands to turn them off and on, respectively, and that leaves a whole 253 places for additional control. I propose that XF80-XFFF be used for such a wet/dry balance control as I’m describing (and automation for it would be fantastic as well), and that solution leaves XF00 and XF01 alone so as to not break backward-compatibility.



It’s a pity that xF00 and xFFF weren’t used for off/on in the first place, because then intermediate values would logically correspond to a wet/dry balance (where 00 is full dry and FF is full wet).

Excellent idea, I think that a fader would be good to have on the DSP panel as well, so you can change it manually too. That and you’d be able to see what your last xFyy command did at a quick glance (instead of searching the patterns for the command).

I would agree with this only if xF01-xFFF would have the effect on and xF00 would actually turn the effect off. A lot of times I turn off effects I’m not using at the moment in order to save CPU.

Yes, yes, yes!! :D

Also kinda needed for meta-devices so we still need a way to turn on and off, not just wet/dry mix.

Yes of course, although that’s an optimisation issue rather than an usability issue. Renoise could have an optimisation whereby any effect that was 0% wet mix would be inactivated to save CPU.

It’s got my vote. :walkman:

yes please :yeah:

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yes sir,we need that

what i don’t get is why it wasn’t wet/dry from the start.

Is a bit weird. I used to use Wet/Dry on third party effect, rather than turning them off, before ADC was introduced as otherwise you would often get a little click.

Shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate I would hope. .xrns knows which version of Renoise it was created with so would know if it’s using the old or new format of the xFyy command was used and translate if needed…

so hey uh
bumping this (perhaps in bad taste) because i would still like to see this considered and it’s been some time since it was brought up