Wet knob for parallel processing

I could really use a wet knob, either on the doofers, or on all plugins inclussive third party. They have done this in Reaper and it’s really usefull. But I need it in renoise too as it’s my favorite DAW


you can achieve exactly this with a “Send” before your effect.

I know, but sometimes I have tracks in groups and if I send it to a send track, the send will not be affected by the group. I have done it with sends, but I end up with many send channels

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We need something like this :grinning:



It’s a pain working with sends.

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Here is a tool which makes send navigation at least a bit less hassle. I originally wanted to rewrite this code mess, but it still works quite ok.


Thanks, but I have no problem maneuvering, I just end up with a whole lot of send tracks

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Hey, maybe that can solve your problem https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_PatchWork/

It’s fairly expensive I know but maybe a cheaper solution exists out there

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indeed, there are free VST host’s VST : https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=435754

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Cool, I tried the imageLine one cuz it’s also free :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a way to put the stuck compressor from Renoise into the host?


Okay, the imageLine one didnt have dry/wet options

You can use redux :slight_smile:

Also renoise’s compressor has nothing special. Just grab any half decent free vst compressor !

That is not true, the Renoise compressors have some hidden magic inside, like a specific hold or a very unusual curve. That’s why I like it and that’s why it is very capable. It were well designed.

Back to the topic, yes please add a parallel container device (which also then would be side/mid, left/right processing possible), similar to the ableton device. So often I am stuck with lot of time and space wasting send constructions, and then there is no proper PDC for parallel processing, too. Or is it? Lot of sends seem to be a overview and workflow killer.


if you’re not very knowledgeable and trained you won’t notice any difference between a compressor or another. If you are, you probably have 20 of them and you know how to tweak them to get any result you like. So yeah renoise’s effects are great but no effect is irreplaceable