Weyheyhey ! - Effection

hello darlings

here’s a song I finished yesterday, rendered with v2.1.0:

weyheyhey !! - Effection

It really was starting to get painful in the end as it uses 38 audio tracks, over 160 instruments/VSTis and probably around 60 VSTs and was using 1 GB of RAM. Renoise was crashing and freezing my poor laptop all over the place! :wacko:

I like it B)

Hope one day i can make such a track ^_^

weyheyhey this is awesome :D

Excellent stuff! Love it :)

Very nice chopping and I really like the rave infleunces!!

wey hey hey hey heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy iiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssss mmmmmmmaaaaaaasssssssssiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!1111111111

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Holly-fucking-molly!!! :blink:
You are just a helluva monster, dude!!!
The tune itself is just a headspinning dope!!! Never was a breakcore fan, but… this one is the one I like!!!


PS: any chance to see the full list of the stuff used? :)

dude, the cops are watching ;)

awesome stuff mate!

hope you dont mind but i’ve downloaded it to play out next week - should go down a treat… if you do mind, well, tough!

thank you Weyheyhey

cheers fellas! glad you like it :)

It’s coming out on a compilation on my friend’s label Bad Sekta, i was a bit cheeky posting it early tbh :wacko:, but please check out them out cos they put out some wicked stuff!

here’s some edited highlights of the plugins etc used:

NI Massive (bass!)
JunoX2 VSTi (my secret weapon :P, many instances of this)
Smartelectronix Bouncy
Voxengo GlissEQ
OhmForce OhmBoys (awesome! used many instances of this)
OhmForce Predatohm
Celemony Melodyne (this is AWESOME - the female vocal I use in the track is from MIA’s “Paper Planes” heavily retuned and rekeyed with this software)
Izotope Ozone 4 (mastering)

Most of the rave stabs are old classics from sample packs, three breaks are used: soul pride, funky drummer, think1,2,3,4

Hey weyheyhey ;)

Seeing as you are sharing a bit of the knowledge…I thought your drum work in this song was really impressive; I was wondering how you went about processing the breaks you used as they sound really punchy, and whether you used 09xx much, or cut the audio up first. Of course, I’m assuming that its these techniques you use; you could be using other secret audio ninja moves!

Its quite a style you’ve got, and I for one will be keeping an ear out for more of your stuff :)

Hope you don’t mind me asking :)


crazy! supah cool


a good one, hardcore jewellery; efficient happy breakbeat killer!

thanks for lovely comments chaps

I do pretty much what you’re suggesting. I use Adobe Audition… choose some breaks (always unprocessed ones from CD/Vinyl), mix to mono, pitch them up, quantize + timestretch them, then EQ/EQ-match and finally compress (Ozone’s compressor is nice). Then I split up the breaks into hits and create an instrument with RiGen. I used to use 09xx but it’s really not accurate enough for long samples and it’s a massive PITA with the way I do things as I like to string together hits from different breaks. I do use it for fun “special-effects” though :)

edit: in fact, here’s a part from the track if you wanna take a look: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fffjkg, needs v2.1.0

Thanks for the xrns, I will be studying this closely!

Thanks for a great track! :)

It’s very kind of you to share all that info and include a bonus .xrns. Maximum respect to you sir. I’ve been over to the BadSekta site and had a good listen on the myspace too, thanks for that link too ;)

Good luck with the compilation!


Well rad