weyheyhey !! sample pack

Hi all, not sure if this is the right area to post this, so please move if you feel appropriate.

Here’s a zip file with a few things I made, it’s all for ravey/breakcore/gabber style stuff:
It’s not loads really, but it’s got a few kick drums I made, some breaks I’ve processed, some glitches, sample packs + break stems for two of my older tracks and also an unfinished/unreleased tune for Renoise 2.8 (it’s about 70% complete). Share! And use any way you like. If you like. Here’s a link to my music to give you an idea of the contents:

peace and happy tracking!

i don’t know about the sample pack but i like your music! very clean, good mix.

Thanks, will check these out! :drummer:

Mmm, funny notice when trying to open some of your .xrni, getting:

Maybe something for the bug forum? I’m using Renoise 32 bit 2.8.1.

Hm, that’s odd, you get that when you load the xrns? I didn’t think I included an xrnis

the great weyheyhey!! updated his website and added more samples and rns files!


Holy Shit, my mind is blown! The breaks in Cainin Ableton just schooled me big time!

Can someone upload it again?





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