Wgf - Wylli Groove Federation (Funkrock)


I play keyboards and act as a sideshow producer in a finnish funkrock band called WGF and we’ve been working on our first demo. Now we’ve pre-released it over at SoundCloud! Bandcamp and Spotify/iTunes/Amazon should be coming later this month/early next month and CD is behind the corner as well (will be available for people outside Finland from Bandcamp).

But for starters, here’s a link to Soundcloud! No Renoise used in this release though, boo. Hopefully at least some of you find this music enjoyable :)

WGF - Wylli Groove Federation

And we’re LIVE on Bandcamp now as well! WGF @ Bandcamp

The music sounds all pretty cool… With no#2 i was waiting for the Black Betty act, but it didn’t came :P
It seems pretty hard to write ballads with Funk right? (Noticed there aren’t any slow tracks around)

We actually jammed yesterday and accidentally ended up making a slower song. But yeah, ballads aren’t really the thing we want to do although there are a lot of grand examples of such songs in legendary funk albums.

I, for one, am not a fan of ballads :)

Thanks for the comment!

It doesn’t matter much, but acting a single style repetoire can turn up boring on the longer run for certain styles, but there are similar styles next to funk (e.g. boogie woogie) that could give it a nice twist. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a ballad, but chill-out can also be.