What About A Pitchshifter?

the only thing i miss in renoises arsenal of vsts,is a pitchshifter,would it be possible(make any sense)to have that in renoise??

your thoughts

That would be nice. A formant filter would be welcome aswell!

+1 for formant filter. +0 for pitchshifter. The latter is something I have never gotten the purpose of. Also good pitch shifter is pretty complex thing to write so it would sound good and also wouldn’t eat all the CPU.

+1 for formant filter & +1 for pitchshifter. Pitchshifters can be very cool to experiment with, and I’d welcome this in Renoise (that way I wouldn’t have to turn to my Yamaha sampler all the time).

just get vst for this kind of stuff, there are tons of more interesting stuff IMO the devs could work on.