What about naming patterns ?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was driving my car on my way to work, and then I thought : there is no function to name patterns in Renoise and I miss it.

Well first, I know I should be concentrated on the road and not think of things when it is not time :huh: :slight_smile: .

Anyway, I have searched through the forum but did not find anything about that, maybe I did not search well, or maybe there is already a function in the program that can do such a work, but here’s the idea :

When you create variations in your patterns within the same track, the only way for you to differentiate them is to change their colors, otherwise, you don’t know if the pattern on sequence 1 is exactly the same as the pattern on sequence 2.

Imagine you have a kickdrum on track 1, and you create your first pattern with a very basic kick sound on each beat. Then on sequence 2 you want to add a little change by removing the last 4 kicks to create a stop & go before the next sequence starts (watch track 03 on the image below, it’s exactly the deal there).

Once again the only way to differentiate them 2 patterns seem to use different colors. But if you want to keep things organised by using the same color for your whole kick on track 1, then you only have the possibility to vary the color itself (if you started with a light red, you can then use a dark red, etc…)

What would be useful IMO is that you can name those patterns differently. For Instance you would name the first pattern “Kick base” and then the second one “Kick Stop & Go”, or so…

I have noticed a space on the GUI that seem not to be used and that could be a good place for the name of the pattern to appear once you click or edit a pattern :



Other option could be that when you place your mouse over the pattern without clicking for 2 seconds, a message box could appear giving you the name of the current pattern :


What guys do you think about that ? If something like that already exists, then I would be very grateful to anyone who would tell me !

It’s already possible to name individual patterns.

You simply need to expand the Pattern Sequencer and/or Pattern Matrix view to show the text label.

7922 renoise-rename-pattern1.png

More info: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Pattern_Sequencer

I should first learn to name my tracks actually

Thanks for this explanation Dblue. That might be helpful, but it’s not exactly what I was thinking about. My bad that I did not use the right words to explain more clearly :blush:

Actually I was thinking of a possibility to name each slot individually, not necessarily the whole pattern. I don’t know how to explain it better. Check th eimage I uploaded and you see there’s only one slot selected, and the deal would be to name each slot individually… Maybe that already exists too ? Thanks for your help.

assink, naming tracks is pretty simple, you simply have to double click on “Track 01” and type in what you want.

Not what you want, but still possibly useful: Track-pattern Comments tool


Likely pretty beta; shouldn’t crash anything but I’m sure there are edge cases where it will do something odd. It uses the song comments area, so forget those if you use this tool. : )

I don’t use it as much as I thought I would when I wrote it, and I think part of the reason is that there is no good visual indicator that a comment exists for a track-pattern. You have to keep an eye out for the specific fx mnemonic (which, now that I think of it, shouldn’t be “ng” but something more meaningful).

But if you need to associate some info with a specific track-pattern it might help.

Now I’m thinking that a handy feature would be a shortcut-key binding to show a popup if the current track pattern had a comment someplace, and/or a key-thing to show a pop-up with all comments and the track-name/pattern-number locations.

One day …

Thanks Neurogami.

I read the description on the link you posted and that might be helpful.

I will soon try this out and see if it can help me on that, thanks again.