What Am I Becoming?

Howdy Renoisers! :lol:

I am finally back!
Since I was away for 2 long months I guess there is a certain amount of forum readers (depending on the amount of new registered users) who just don’t know who the hell I am
No problem. That’s something I forgot too.
Actually I’m so stoned after this tour that I can hardly say what direction I’m facing when I stand somewhere

My hair become shorter and shorter… my skin darkened after all the sunlight it received… I weight 5 kg more but it seems like I’ve lost some fat… I must deduce I took 5 kg of muscles… what the f**** am I becoming?

To let you have an idea, here I send you something for you to witness

I guess this is how I actually look

I know what you are looking at
<_< :rolleyes:

In case you just care about the girls in the above pic:
This pic was taken during one of the wild parties we held every weekend in one different city. I compelled these… herm… gracefull creatures to join us during the weekend in Pescara. With the help of the 3 killer barmans they were drunk as sailors before 1:00 a.m. and for 1:30 I had the rare pleasure of seeing em dancing wild erotic dances rubbing against each other at the excellent deep-house music selection made by the dj.
Yes. A total hormonal mess that night.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Looks like you had some fun!!! :guitar: :guitar: :P

The one on the right is pretty amazing…me loves the dark hair girls

i think I should move to italy


… nice creatures …

You look better with short hair :) :) :)

I think the brunette on the right was already drunk, when you took this picture. Or that’s her usual face?? My uncle lives in Pescara… It’s time to move there!!!-----------------

Where are those girls from??


mmhhhh… Parsec makes me thinking to get an another job :rolleyes:

btw. the left chick is the hell of hotness (blonde rulez for me B) )

Calm down… That’s a good thing!

Remember what you used to look like!


…you sexy mother ******. If i would be gay, I could love you, but butt.

Ah well, nice girlies indeed! :blink:

Partied all weekend with nice girlies too… Although, admittadly not THAT nice B)

I become a “Schnitzel” ;)