What Are My Options Using Renoise With Ableton Live?

Hello, everyone!

I used to be huge into using Impulse tracker back in the day, and just recently decided to buy renoise.

Preferrably, I would like to simply do all of my work in renoise completely, but it is a huge shift from Ableton Live, which I also own. I only used ableton live in the arrange mode (simple linear recording screen).

My issue, currently, is the audio recording aspect. All of my music that I create has guitars, vocals, tambourines, hand claps, all working with effects that I have set up… you get the point. I am simply wondering about my options. I will be strictly using VSTI/VST for instruments and fx.

Would it be excessive to use rewire or midiox to deliver my renoise compositions over to ableton live? It seems the audio recording functionality is a little strangely implemented in renoise. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my initial idea.

I really appreciate any help or assistance in perhaps using renoise as a sequencing bridge to live, or maybe moving all of my DAW work over to renoise completely.

Thank you!

Ron C

By all means use ReWire if that fulfills the accomplishments. There will be in some cases situations where Renoise won’t cut the butter for a user and that’s where ReWire should kick in. (MidiYoke or other virtual Midi cabke are less tight though)

Okay, I may be interested. I haven’t had the chance to play around enough with it, but for strictly audio recording, does it follow the cursor at least when it is recording?

If I am to use rewire, are there tutorials on this?


I use Live as my primary DAW and use Renoise as sort of an uber-sampler/drum machine via Rewire, it’s great.

How to ReWire Renoise + Logic… and How to ReWire Renoise + Ableton Live together
Let me know if you need more details

okay, so far looks cool, I will work towards making a setup similar to this, and seeing if I like how it works together.

My only perplexing issues in my mind about this setup would be:

-will my novation sl keyboard work okay in renoise in this setup (i make my own custom templates for plugins), as well as in ableton live?
-would I have to save renoise song files as well as ableton live projects every time I am done working on a project, or is there a way to automate it all?


If you configure Ableton Live to receive Novation SL, AND Renoise to receive Novation SL - both will receive notes from it. You might or might not like this.
Unfortunately ReWire can’t be used to force Renoise into loading a song - when loading an Ableton Live project. I’d love it if this was possible, but you’ll just have to name the files in an informative way so that you know which Renoise song to load when having loaded an Ableton Live project.

In theory you COULD go real deep into “start software X load song X, delay (while song X loads), start software Y load song Y” -town, I mean, why not, it would probably work. Especially if you can automate key presses and everything (to make sure Renoise starts in ReWire slave mode, etc). I haven’t gone that far. Actually, a tool like this for Renoise would be really amazing ;)

okay so far, everything is working better than what I had ever dreamed…

So when I am ready to render, obviously in live i just click record on the tracks and run through the entire song?

or, is there a faster way to do this that I didn’t know?


When you have Renoise ReWired into Live, you can just start Live master rendering, i.e. export with Live, and it’ll automatically do it offline and Renoise will obediently send its audio via ReWire, offline, to Live for Live to record the whole-of-what-you-hear offline.

If however you just want to output Renoise’s stuff into wavefiles and later on add them to your Live .ALS - you might want to go
Renoise → Render Song to Disk → and tick the “Save each track into a separate file”… Then save them to your ALS folder or whever you can access them the easiest, and start pumping them into via Live’s File Browser.

oh wow, I never thought it would do that! So you don’t have to press record on those tracks then?!

hop on chat if you’d like to :)


Surprisingly enough there’s no need to record the tracks yourself into Ableton Live - unless if you want to make sure that loading one file on one program will play your full track back to you (for those moments when you can’t quite make out which Renoise song is connected to which Ableton Live song).
It’s quite powerful to have Renoise just obediently help Live in offline rendering of the song by cranking out the sounds.