What Are The Demo Limitations In 2.0?

I’d like to know what the limitations are in 2.0 before I install it; is it still only the lack of rendering and ASIO-support?
I have not yet purchased a license, but will do so asap.

i bought renoise after a couple of months,where i only had the demo start up and shut down because it didnt make sense to me then.

i bought renoise as a impuls-buy,and now i cant make music in a “normal” sequencer :D

i love my renoise :dribble:

1 hour and 12 minutes before I bought renoise :)

I think I was searching the web for module makers and or fast tracker compatible program. I don’t know if I even tried the demo. I may have just purchased it. It was an absolute bargain years back and continues to be. I was sick of using Cakewalk and wanted to get back to tracking…

Yes and yes,

The limitations are the same as in 1.9 as far as I know


  • No rendering at all (render selection to sample, render complete song)
  • 30 day reminder (like bantai explained)
  • also after (i dont know exactly, cause I cant remember) 100 hours I guess, a reminder.