What Are Your Goals With Music?

/vegetarian pizza? what ppl can come up with these times… what an insult :P

I only want to live (and well) with ONLY doing the thing I love: make music. that’s all! :)

And of course will be better became a reference to some people one day in the future… just dreaming… hehehe :rolleyes:


What Are Your Goals With Music?

To make people happy!

My goal is to post a link to my music in the Renoise Success Stories thread.

Finetune frequencies to mindcontrol people, form a dark legion and destroy the world
I mean create music and be artistic and stuff

tracking is like therapy for me, gets all the anger out on those patterns

f****ed up considering my songs are jolly chip-tunes in 99% of the cases

i get distracted by making music
i may not be the best at it, but I can’t help myself and kind of have to make it …

goal? Play a party for 100 people and have them stay and scream and laugh.

you should be stopped!!
you villain

its all or nothing. been doing this shit for decade

My only goal is to have fun and get better and better all the time.

Absolutely agree :)

f**** yeah

haha :D

i want to make my music my living. if that’s even possible I concider myself a lucky person:) even tho i study, music is my passion… and there’s nothing better than performing the music i’ve created live infront of a crowd! if you connect with the audience and they have a great time, that feeling alone is worth it all!

I entered into the music near 1984, I had a spanish guitar hanging from a furniture in my bedroom, a friend of mine asked me the guitar to try something with it, so I gave it to him.
After a few months I asked him back and I started to try by myself, 1 or 2 years after we met a guy who played the guitar like Clapton (I’ve never liked Clapton by the way), we started to play with him and learn from him, then we looked up for a drum player and when we got him, we formed a band called Alquimia (from Dire Stratis album). I played the bass.
In those years we listened bands like Creedence, Rush, Deep Purple, Tom Petty, Iron Maiden, Yes, Marillion, Dream Theater and bands like that.
But one day I discovered an amazing bass player called Less Claypool who has a band called Primus (they get apart recently).
After that I realized that I’d never play the bass like Less Claypool, so I decide to make a change and start to compose with trackers, my first tracker was one wich called mmt or something like that, I dont remember exactly the name, but I remember it was pretty elemental (like my english).
After mmt I started to use FastTracker and more recently ModPlugTracker.
I discovered Renoise 2 or 3 years ago and its the best tracker up now I’ve ever seen.
I compose music from time to time, but I dislike the kind of music that we can hear now and I’m completely separated from those bands I used to listen. Now I live in Spain and here the music is the worst music I’ve ever heard with an exception, flamenco.
So I work as a database administrator like somebody else and of course, I’d love to be a professional musician or a tennis player, but not a f****ing dba.

You’re a lucky person… I wish i could somehow perform my music life…
I need more than one person for that.

Why do you need that?.. Just get a gig and bring ur pc, fit some nasty lights and dim the other ones and ur set. If that fails, hire some strippers.

My goals with music are as many above me; to live of it, i have no huge desire to get rich but i’d like to live of it and have a decent life, and if not that; i’d settle for rich


Success, fame, aknowledgement - they are most of the time illusions, because time easily washes them away from your mind. After all, it all comes to how you feel. Feeling of beauty, that’s what makes us fall in love with another soul orand with music, makes you see the smile on the face of the sun… It all boils down to beauty: if you can feel it now, if it lights your heart, then the steps you’ve taken to reach this moment have not been wasted.

Aknowledgement of one or two people can sometimes be much more rewarding for you than fame among throngs of admirers.

And as for “making the living”- if you’re attentive enough to the voice of your life, it will certainly give you clues, which of your talents are best to be used for the daily bread and more. This voice speaks in whispers, and you have to be able to calm down the choir of your “ambitions and aspirations” to hear it. :rolleyes:

I learned tracking in 1992 with scream tracker. I had no computer of my own, (only ZX speccy) and I was tracking at nights on my friends 486dx, when he slept. (The most pleasuable time is the stolen one, so the saying goes, no? :D :D ) Then those ambitious fantoms began to hassle me: need be a musician! need to perform! be famous! Meanwhile my loving, wise and clever invisible guardian led me (and thank G_d i found it in myself NOT TO oppose it) to where i was needed - the teaching profession. And guess what, my amateur music skills and the love of music were more than appreciated!

So, i believe that ALL our most precious dreams come true. You just have to be patient and sensitive to let your soul sort out dreams from phantoms and lead you where you are needed indeed.

Your soul loves beauty! Feed your heart with it. Tracking is a help here, isn’t it?


that makes me sad to hear… that you didn’t want to play bass just because you thought somebody was amazing and you could never be that good…

but i understand. sometimes i feel like that too, especially when i listen to Delerium, some of their newer work , particularly the Poem album… i am so amazed by their music, and i feel like… i will never be able to make anything this lush & beautiful, maybe i should just quit…
but them i am like… wait a second… i still love making music, and you never know, maybe i can be as good as they one day. i am going to strive as hard as i can to make something beautiful and even if it is only 1/2 as good as what they did i will still be happy, especially if there are other people out there who can appreciate what i did too, even if it’s only a few people.

Right now my goal is to get an online mastering website set up and see where that takes me, though everything seems to be getting in the way of it. :rolleyes:

Also working hard at getting an album mastered.

As for long term goals, I don’t make them. Though I wouldn’t mind mastering or mixing professionally in a much more high-end environment than I can currently afford.