What Are Your Latest Endeavours?

Some things I found out the last week(s):

  • I can still surprise myself with my music
  • I can still surprise my neighbours with my music
  • I can cook a good, nutricious meal with minimal resources

uhm… :(

building a new studio

Edit: or maybe not. Fuck, that shit is complicated.

:) thats the plan!

as of last night,… teaching music production.

the local kids have been hassling me for lessons so i figured i would put a course together using renoise and reaper as the basis for basic production and recording.

wtf have i got myself into?

that’s very nice of you! i’ve been giving material and hints out for guitar, bass and drums to people i’ve met for a long time… it’s very rewarding to see someone actually having their own band playing shows and then you know that you gave him that old metallica tab book and some hints five years ago. (not saying that they wouldn’t figured out themselves but just maybe it gave them an easier start)

as a purely amateur musician it’s one of the few things i can actually do for people and it’s fun! especially fun is it with people who thought playing an instrument is something they couldn’t do.

yeah it is nice to give,… a few months before i found renoise i had bought an mpc,… saddly, after discovering renoise, my mpc just sat there gathering dust, so just before moving countries i donated it to a couple kids. i could have sold it and upgraded my renoise license to v175 but meh,…

goodwill goes further than cash,… although cash is always good :rolleyes:

but yeah i do have ulterior motives :ph34r:

there are loads of mc’s here, but the beatmakers are few and far between, or just too shy to come out :blink: one of the pitfalls of a smallish town.

so this is a way of creating my own scene as it were, which i suppose is one of the good things about living in a smallish town.

it is great watching the kids recording for the first time, and hearing themselves on a track that you’ve mixed for the first time,… no matter how crap they might be at the moment :rolleyes:

i’m a goddamned saint,… now if only i could make a living doing this <_<

Good Bye Mr Kaneel.

Starting a New Job
Making Orchestral Music
Making Wine

Thats it lately, feels good to be active on the forums again.


1 - Spend the next ten minutes contemplating the birth of 5 kids; where I don’t have any kids, and am wholly unprepared for what would be an unfortunate arrival of even one such kid - given that raising children requires parenting skills gathered as one’s personality develops to a stable fruition.

1a - admit that I have a problem.

2 - Stop stating the obvious.

3 - Construct a shrine to my own bad ass.

4 - Reluctant admission that I have no bad ass, nor any material for said shrine construction.

5 - Learn how to count hex. Obtain a decent shuffle for drum and bass production in reniose.

6 - Complete step 5, discard ableton, and all ableton dependent thinking.

7 - Finish school again.

bought a freakin’ house yesterday (without a garden, luckily…)
will miss the apartment in the city though… but hey, I get a full floor for just music and my home studio! yey :guitar:

i just hope my girlfriend does not secretly think that this “big step” is synonomous with kids, marriage, and all that…
i’m not up for that yet

  • Stop living in the past
  • Learn Renoise / HEX
  • Quit my job
  • Create multiple albums for Kaizoku
  • Start earn monies with said albums

which will possibly result in

  • Realise that dubstep does not make enough monies
  • Beg my boss to take me back
  • Beg the bank not to sell my house


  • Produce electro and house as “Jennifer Lowpass”
  • Make music for tits and pussy
  • Live on Ibiza

for my music i want to start releasing on more labels

yes, let’s do that… NOW

We can’t stop here, this is bat country.

best movie ever ! :D

:lol: !!!