What Are Your Latest Endeavours?

Things I wasn’t doing before, but am working on becoming good at:

  • Raising a baby girl
  • Objective-C / Cocoa
  • Lua

How about you?

being a father to my baby-girl

keeping sober and drug-free

Falling in love again and not being afraid that it will hurt some day.

trying iPhone dev. this is difficult.

Finding an appartement, luckily this one might be over soon.
Then there’s a stop motion project…
and I should start Lua.

C ++ /C#
New job
Road bike stuff
Linux installing
Updating my wardrobe so I look my age


Hey - congratulations!! I think that is by pretty far the biggest undertaking of those on your list! =) I can barely find time to write music and I don’t even have any children…

Congrats man!

BTW, my latest endevour is settling into new home with my girlfriend and working on the biz. Same as always it seems!

  • Be good father to my daughters
  • eartraining
  • read the reaktor manual
  • try to not talk in 1st person (people don§t like that)
  • reduce spends

(our forum is a data mining center or what?)

edit: get some sleep


no, more like “its done” instead “ive done it”

Things I wasn’t doing before, but am working on becoming good at:

  • Cleaning the floors from concrete dust
  • Cleaning the furniture and material objects from concrete dust
  • Cleaning the computer and hardware gear from concrete dust

Man, do I hate concrete dust.

It’s the work of the devil, I tell you.

Been deeply in reaktor lately , haven’t left the house for weeks ( actually my brother’s house cause I am temporarely homeless :rolleyes:, don’t even make music anymore cause of reaktor ., reaktor goes so deep , and it’s difficult to find the balance between synthcreating and making music …( don’t have that problem with the nord modular = one piece of flexible , intuitive gear …
Still, I love reaktor …It’s endlessss

watch yourself with that prog
you end up dreaming of it
connecting boxes together for the dream to continue lol
and its not even funny
been getting into UDK recently (making games)
cant believe they give it out for free, its awesome
and i just finished a remix for Houston Bernard
and working on another for DxN
and tryin to teach my little girl maths, music and writing
ill have her razing on music progs soon as she is better at using the mouse

  relearning OPL for my Psion Siena. (I have a few Psion handhelds, but the Siena is my favorite [Series 5mx, Series 3, Series 3mx, 3x Siena, {Diamond Mako aka Revo is a piece of crap, but I have two of them :/}])

I was pretty good at it - just need to re-memorize some commands,

My life isn’t filled with exciting goals like everyone else other then improving my music production :)(If only I got more feedback, advice…sadly my music isn’t the most appealing genre)

Congrats on the children Conner.

-tediously mixing and mastering random old tracks of mine
-maintaining a regiment of lucid dreaming techniques
-trying to ride my bicycle everyday
-teaching myself how to rap
-trying to stop smoking cigarettes
-and as always, constantly trying to network

oh yes, learning how to master.

If anyone cares: