What are your most used / favourite keyboard shortcuts for Renoise?

What shortcuts have you become a Renoise super user with?? For me, control clicking on a note to show it in the instrument panel is super useful, as well as control + P for paste indefinitely.

Whats integral to your Renoise flow??


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tab or shifttab for just going left/right or up/down in the context of everything.
pageup or pagedown for jumping up/down in long sequences
command + up or down for through sequences
enter for enabling/disabling loop
command + * or / for controlling the loop lenght
* / for octave changes
option + arrows for selecting instrument
f13 follow playhead on/off.
alt + t to select whole track
alt + a (or z) (+shift) to select parts previous or after cursor - of the current sequence

Those are the ones that i mostly use, although i use some more of them. Renoise is awesome when utilizing full (or at least part of) keyboard :slight_smile:

@midierror i’d agree ctrl + p is useful, but control+click is not useful for me as i’ve enabled that instrument selector will select every instrument that is under the cursor. 1 shortcut less to remember :stuck_out_tongue:


Hot dang I needed that.

I use F9-F12 to transport to quarters of the pattern all the time.


Thanks !