What are your thoughts concerning Gaz Williams?

Who is the winner? Gaz Williams or Nick Batt?

Gaz Williams


Nick Batt

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

they are both top notch prob best ever i love their middle age enthusiasm better lusting after synths than girls tbh gaz is masterful with any gear i have seen him with not in person of course…

both legendary

I totally agree that they are both legendary. The gear reviews they do are very detailed and Nick Batt in particular often asks the right questions, the difficult questions the product promoters try to avoid during their marketing speeches.

In terms of style, I think Gaz Williams has more energy and pizazz, vitality and glamour while Nick Batt is perhaps more analytical, methodical and inquisitive.

You can see from the photographs above that Gaz has ‘flair’ in performance mode.

They are an interesting duo.

I would like to see them do a two man jam at the end of each gear review they do, using the equipment they have just reviewed.

https://youtu.be/SV2Bf4pDqoU?t=14m49s this is a cool jam, gaz is a great bloke

nick is immense, so thorough and knowledgeable - they are a fantastic team

That was a cool stylophone jam.

Hopefully more live jams from nick batt and gaz williams in future.

They should do a mini music video at the end of each review.