What Break Is This? Diggable Planets

Hi… Guys… Is the Amen Break, or am I tripping? – > ( cuz thats just too easy ) Any idea of where they ripped this break and bass and horns? I think the guy in the youtube comments is probably right on the horns or bass, not the break… But… How to find out what they sampled?


Btw… How wild is that 303 panning left n right… I never remember that from listening to this track on my walkman… omfg… do you remember, “walkman?” lol! Its weird to hear this on monitors…

The break is The Honeydrippers - Impeach The President. Try jazz records for that kind of bass .

EDIT: Found it.
The comment on the first page is right, here is were the bass came from

If you are interested in what is sampled in songs try:


Thank you, very awesome, cheers

:walkman: B)