What Disney Characters Do At Theme Parks When The Kiddies Are Not Arou



First I thought it was kinda gross, then I laughed a little… then I found it disgusting… Ew

Just thinking that my son shook hands with those filthy bastards… well that’s what you get with seasoned temporary employees…

Just imagine if some of them are furries… Who knows what kind of nasty shit they do with those costumes in private. :( :o

Oh no!!! Normal people who have fetishes!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!

Seriously though, this video was halarious. I don’t see anything even remotely threatening about it. They’re joking around like anyone else would do if they had to spend all day dressed up like goofey… and just because they have adult senses of humor doesn’t mean they’re any threat to the children they entertain.

Well said, smasher

LMAO - that is so damn cool :)

hehe :) i dont see anything disturbing either :)

I’d probably do a lot worse if I was allowed to get into one of those costumes. I’d have Minnie on her knees for starters! But of course, not in front of the kids :slight_smile:

Heh… they don’t even have any bondage gear out there :lol: