What Do You Do With Your Controllers And Renoise Live


I’m wondering what controllers people have and how they use them to control renoise live.

Personally, I assign a slider to a hydra device and a couple of gainers to crossfade tracks. Then I put various effects on a send channel and assign sliders, knobs and buttons to various params.

I mean…that’s really it, in a nutshell…I’m sure there are better ways to do things…

Ok, thanks, sounds reasonable. Two questions:

  1. When playing more than one song live, how do you remember which effects/params are assigned to which knob for each song?

  2. How about song structure? Are you running the same pattern for the whole duration of the song, fading things in/out? This is actually one of the things I can’t really find a good way through. I’d like to have some kind of workflow/setup that would allow more jam-the-structure kinda performance.

NB: I realize it depends alot on the kind of music we’re talking about. But although I never tried Ableton Live, it seems to me that although a renoise+controller setup could be more flexible, stuff like this (what should my controller control, esp with song structure) is “taken care of” by the way Ableton Live organizes musical ideas.

You could make a system that all your songs fall under so that your controllers always control the same parameters per song. That seems to be the most reasonable way of doing it.