What Do You Get When You're Completely Drunk...

Well… this: rokrok.mp3 :lol:

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar:

Ah, this sounds mighty cool. Hail to electronic metal!

Heh, yeah well… One of those great ideas which only comes after 03:00am and half a bottle of whisky (while listening to Opeth. “dude, would it be cool or what to play heavy”).

But I actually started to mess around with that tune a bit more seriously. It might even become something after a while. And yes, I’ve listened those samples from Next Life’s pages. Damn, you guys sound cool :)

Ah man! You dig Opeth too? Damnation album is friggin great. Cool that you liked Next Life! Also check out:

Zeni Geva - Freedom Bondage album, japanese progmetal, been very influencial to me :)

Best! :dribble:

Sure, Opeth is like my personal jesus. I would say that Blackwater Park is the album number one to me. But to be honest, they are all great. And Damnation is next on the shopping list :)

But gotta check that out, thanks for the hint