What do you guys do?

What is your daily job? What would you love to do as your daily job?
what is your perspective of music-making? What are your goals? expectations? Do you make music for people - to please fans, or just expressing yourself? or trying to combine?

(yes, you can write your feature requests for developers, too!)

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Current job:
Milker on a dairy farm

Previous job:
Construction labourer

Dream job:
Don’t really have one, as long as I have enough free time to do my hobbies I’m easy

Perspective on music making:
Making music for me is like solving a puzzle, I listen to other people’s work and I try deconstruct it in my head and try to understand the pieces and how the fit together. If I need help I usually just trawl through forums and stuff for advice. Then I try to apply what I learned to my own music. This part isn’t always very successful partly due to lack of technical knowledge, particularly in the area of sound design, and a very low level of music theory knowledge, I get the basics but I never could really apply them it’s like a weird mental block I have, but also in part because of restrictions like access to certain software, hardware etc, mostly due to money. Also the puzzle gets extended in difficulty by me trying to implement ideas I have in my head for complicated cross modulation controls, kinda like how patching works on modular synths except I don’t have a modular synth and I’m still only learning Reaktor, within Renoise.

Goals: Not sure really, maybe just having a good level of consistency, and making the kind of music I’d enjoy listening to if it weren’t me who made it. Also experimentation and creating abstract / unconventional music, that’s why I have a lot of respect for people like Autechre, Richard Devine, Vaetxh, Woulg, etc.

Expectations: None. Can’t be disappointed if you don’t have any expectations to begin with. If I ever have kids though I’d like to pass the practice of creating music on to them.

Do you make music for people - to please fans, or just expressing yourself:
For people or fans, no. Self-expression, yeah kind of. I’d say it’s more of a vent than anything. If I haven’t made anything in a while I get agitated and I get an urge to make something. Doesn’t even have to be music, could be drawing, or some graphic design even (I used to make album covers, and book designs for fun)

Feature requests:
Proper native time-stretching features, with warp modes like Ableton’s Simpler
And for someone to come round to my house and teach me how to use the Formula Device cause that shit is a god damn mystery to me haha


i think you are just too self-critical.
In any case, you make great music

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the formula device and anything lua is a total mystery to me as well.

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i haven’t used formula device neither, i would love some simplification for us (“i’m not good at math” people)

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+1 for the formula device

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I think LUA already is as simple as it can be. In the end, it is a formula device, which can be used for any kind of meta signal algorithm, as long as 3 inputs and 1 outputs are enough (would prefer more).

Why not open a thread for formula device presets? Then later, it could be added to the official Renoise package (the formula device was unhidden just with the last update or so, I guess that’s why there are so few presets only so far).

Or was this irony?

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