What Do You Think About This Sound Card?

It looks like it’s cool. But being external, linked by an USB conection, I wonder if there are any problems with speed (latency) or anything.

Here’s a link: Audigy 2 NX

This is just my subjective opinion, but I wouldn’t buy Creative for music production. Not for audio interface, not for speakers, nothing. I think you would do much better with an audio interface created exclusively for music production, like the very affordable and goodFocusrite Scarlett 2i2(for example). There are many options available and you should do a bit of searching to find one that fits your needs.

USB won’t introduce any latency as long as the drivers are good. On Windows that usually requires ASIOsupport, on Linux it usually involves JACKand on OS X it is usually built in (no drivers required for Focusrite Scarlett, for instance).