What Does Fsu Mean Anyway?

I’ve seen many VSTs tagged as FSU. Most prominently dblue’s Glitch, and similar ones.

I always imagined this meant “Fuck-the-Shit-Up” but, proper as it may seem, this couldn’t be right, right? :)

You’re close actually, it means “Fuck the shut up”. It’s allows VST’s to not be muted, ever, if they chose so (even after closing the host application). Luckily they tend to be friendly most of the time.

FSU effects simply “Fuck Shit Up” (no ‘the’ involved) … I’m not sure what Johann is on about with the VSTs being muted and such.

I’m fairly certain he was being ironic :P

As I’ve stated when listening to a certain Alanis Morisette song many atime: “Er… That’s not irony”

I never kid. We’re simply refering to a different set of databases.

my friends stand upright.

Again, as a developer, this confuses me greatly.

Abbreviations stand for different things depending on the context they’re used in, even developers should know that.



That’s just how I interpreted it anyway.

Of course, verbal doesn’t exactly apply to internet forums, but… mehhhh :D

I saw the actual words he posted, but in my mind I was hearing “yes, of course it stands for fuck shit up!”, spoken in a sarcastic tone :)


hahaaaa! hilarious video :lol: :badteeth: