What does the 'convolver' do?

I’ve applied it to many different sounds (drums, breaks, basslines, pads) and it doesn’t have any effect on them? I started just randomly moving the control around it does nothing

It’s short for Convolution reverb, you’ll see that there is a slot to load a sample - or an “Impulse Response” as its properly known. These impulses are usually a short transient click noise played in a physical space and the reverb tail is recorded so you can load it into a convolver and mimic physical reverb. You can either find impulse responses online or otherwise load any sample in and create your own weird reverb effects. Hope that helps.


you need to select a preset first to hear something, mouse click where it says ‘innit’ and select one of the presets. You can also load in your own samples and sounds like Sam mentions above.

ok thanks guys! forgot that there might had been presets! I love this thing now! :slight_smile:

a decent article on what convolution is and how it works:

You can load samples into it! So .wav, .flac… But normal samples will most probably sound odd or much too loud. Percussive sounds can yield interesting results.

There are special samples for it called “impulse response”. Try to google “free impulse responses” or “free reverb impulse responses” to find some material to play with. You can load them into the convolver with drag&drop.

Usually those are samples to simulate some kind of reverb or room acoustics, or they can be used to simulate the sound of (guitar cabinet) speakers when turned 0% dry and only wet…