What Famous Youtubers Have You Gotten A Reply From?

I was just cleaning out my comments box on Youtube. As I walked down memory lane, I noticed that I had gotten a small number of replies from really popular youtubers. I got a reply from AndreasChoice (a make-up and fashion vlogger), and I got a reply from HuskyStarcraft (starcraft commentator).

Let’s see, with AndreasChoice, she made a video about making your own facial masks to help your skin at night. I made some stupid joke about how the ridiculous looking goop on her face really brought out her eyes and she loved it out about half a million viewers she picked my comment!! Which is almost like winning the lottery. I wish I had won the lottery instead lol - but a comment from her is cool too.

Next I got a reply from HuskyStarcraft, where I made another stupid joke about how his frequent visits to TacoBell was starting to go to his hips. He denied my assertions that he was gaining wait due to TacoBell but not that he was gaining weight.

So yeah, after 6 years of commenting on Yoututbe I got two replies from some of the more popular ones. How about you guys?

This is totally random btw.

If your comment is upvoted it’s not really hard for the poster to notice it. And some actually spend quite a lot of time replying to their youtube comments. Some on the other hand don’t read them at all. For example TotalBiscuit has said it many times it’s a bad idea to read the youtube comments. Regardless I have a vague memory of him replying to one of mine. And I rarely bother to comment on popular videos anyway as those tend to sink rather fast and nobody gives an F about what I have to say anyway. :D

Back in the day myspace was The place to go if you wanted to talk to (breakcore) artists. I’ve had some small talk with a few big names there. (cakebuilder, enduser, spitting vitriol, aaron spectre, speedranch)
On youtube, not so much :lol:

Well its all about what makes you happy…
It is worth more for having those folks as a real friend rather than having their autograph on your cheek that you never wash.
What also helps a bit is if you promote your heroes without letting them know but try to figure out a way that they “accidentally” find that out ;).
And never brag about it. It works even better if you become famous yourself :P

I shook vsnares hand so, suck it.

That’s why :P
Next time someone is going to admit he sucked someones dick to get status.


i shook bill clinton’s hand (really). lucky he didn’t say “so… suck it.”

“I did not have hexual relations with that woman!”


like tv stars or what?
i think it depends on where you live. its youtube (owned by google). they know who you are.
here in my country, due to lesser population, its not that (over)hyped with mio. of views.
hence no huge popularity to the “best” youtubers in my region (and language).

otherwise, i see its about commenting. hmm, im out.

I block yt comments with adblock, so well, I didn’t get reply from any of ‘famous’ vloggers ;)