What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

Collapsible groups in the instrument tab for better organisation of sample categories. That way you could create one group for percussion, one for synths, etc, etc. Would really help reduce visual clutter and maintain a consistent workflow when working on one group of sounds at a time.

It’s been said before a while back by someone else, but more probability commands along the lines of Boolean Logic (or / and / not) or something. Maybe this is possible with the formula device but I don’t understand how to use it and I dunno if there’s any decent examples or instructions on how to use it. If anyone knows please tell me. But anyways, simple pattern commands would be nice to see.

This has been on my wish list ever since i’ve been using Renoise, mapping pattern commands for volume/pitch to their equivalent MIDI commands. It was working in Schism Tracker at some point, but VST support was kind of… meh

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Also, it’s still VERY AWKWARD to track in flat keys with sharps showing in the pattern editor!!! (MIA: ♭ to ♯ toggle) Come on guys, even protracker on the amiga and FT2 on DOS had this!

Source: working on a song in B♭ minor right now. Having a moderately good time.

/* edit */ No, i didn’t choose what key it was written in, and yes, i theroretically COULD have transposed all my instruments which - as i pointed out 5 or 6 years ago - would be as much of a PITA anyway. Especially stringed non-synth instruments, ie. turn a peg or adjust a fine-tuner/mechanism of some sort for each string. Also was a retard and named the Rwong Key™ (said A♭ instead of B♭ because i was thinking about A# for some uhm… unknown reason :grin::grin: )


Mac universal binary version for M1 :slight_smile:


Still my biggest wish is parallel routing and layering. E.g. I made a mix and now want to finetune all those reverbs… Sometimes the reverb comes as insert, even before others. What a hassle now to move the reverb + post fx to a send, only to add some eqing oe compression to the reverb tail. Renoise even forgets automation, if you move an dsp from one track to another.

Or I would like to add multiband compression only with Renoise fx. Then I already have to use 3 send tracks, only to put a single compressor on each. Imagine now some post reverb… Or final grouping. The project turned into a sendtrack-mess.

Or you want to layer sounds, which I think is the standard now in modern productions. Renoise already has the instrument fx layers, why you can’t put VSTis there? Currently then I have to double the notes as I had two separate tracks. Oh, later you want to improve the melody… Or add some modulation…

Or let’s say I would like to setup a dual mono chorus… With 180 degree rotated LFO phase, 100% wet, to get a accurate stereo vibrato. Would now have to use two insert send tracks, and then a sum send track. Now combine that with the reverb problem above. You end up with 20 send tracks, the project turned into a complete mess that you will avoid to touch again from now on.

seems like some of these things could be fairly easily done in instrument fx. parallel compression, for instance, is a breeze to set up in instrument fx, but an annoyance in track fx. Simple parallel compression via instrument effect chains

i like the idea of adding vsti in instrument fx, tho. hardly use plugins, but could certainly be useful to layer xrni/vsti

your last example also seems like a good case for use of instrument fx. just use multiple chains and sends/sums as needed. it’ll keep your mixer sends much more organized and simple :slight_smile:

Well I mostly use VSTis, so the the fx chains are useless for me.

ah. i’m the opposite. almost all native synthesis, so the instrument fx chain capability is huge for me

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I posted this idea before but I think there’s still a lot of potential in this idea. It would make Renoise that much better as a live looping tool and wouldn’t (seemingly) be much of a change from the existing functionality.

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Flexible timestretching via warp/anchor points in the sample editor


What @slujr said, and please please please some sort of real granular stuff built into the sampler please? :smiley:


YES. at the very least, it would be great to be able to assign sample start position to a macro…

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This is what I’m talkin’ about - Gleetchlab, for example. It’s just so useful, being able to use the sampler as not only a looper or another piano, but as a haze/granular cloud generator. For those of us not on facebook, there is no equivalent video of this, so I’m also going to provide a screenshot.


Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 7.42.02 AM

There are TWO Tools that can provide a rudimentary version of this type of sample manipulation - SMC Tool and RxMarkers. Both of them are able to only use a single instance of the sampler’s playhead, so the amount of granular stuff they can do is on the basic side - that’s all that is available within the sampler currently. They are great tools for sample mangling and click generation.

Since they can only use one playhead, there’s no actual way of getting ‘clouds’ or ‘haze’ that full granular synthesis can get. It’s such a unique sound, Renoise would only benefit from it. Since we do not have PM/FM synthesis, more aggressive sample manipulation would add more sound generation capability to Renoise, and quite possibly grow it’s user-base.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Renoise can be so similar to Max/MSP in it’s tight sequencing and sample manipulation, and it is EASY to understand in comparison to visual programming. Renoise is the entire reason I can create tracks that sound like they came out of Max/MSP; all it is missing at this point is smaller (but big) sample manipulation, and maybe some sequencing additions (more random/logic functions). Yeah, I want more synthesis within Renoise, but I can get by by creating my own single-cycle waveforms or larger samples.

So much more can be done with Renoise besides the typical electronic music tropes - why not take it to the next level without requiring VST/AU plugins? Renoise’s effects are so damn good, and if you don’t like the TWO built-in reverbs, you can “roll your own” CONVOLUTION reverb which can sound like any reverb or any space you desire…

Renoise can sound like anything, would love for it to be able to push sample manipulation to the fullest.


100% with you on this.
the integration of renoises sequencer and sampler (and phrases within that) makes it the best tool for control of samples. so a bit more granular power feels appropriate.

tbh you can do some interesting stuff with the phrases already - definitely granular/wavetable territory.

here’s a crack at getting a cloud going - it’s a bit hacky setting it up and could use an envelope for the voice as well as the individual grains but it’s something.

cloud.xrni (2.8 MB)

options like phrase LPB automation/patterncommand would open this kind of thing up a bit for a start


embedded detachable chat (that can be enabled / disabled) in order to talk with other online renoisers (with public and private rooms, text & voice rooms to share sound of incoming tracks, etc)


Some sort of device that allows the user to map a pattern or global effect
command to a CC-assignable push encoder knob.

Sorta like a small command line interface that allows you to issue, on-the-fly,
one-shot, pattern and effects commands; only enhanced with device support.

That said, im not 100% sure if this is already doable, gonna go check on that.
Time passed… guess phrases can help to do something like it.

Thanks for Renoise! (…and all the fish)

Im missing sometimes when working on something very complicated, info where sample/sound is ending/reaching zero. Like if you chop break and want to put another slice there is no clear way to figure out where it should be placed. It could be maybe done by settings that when toggled when you put note that is attached to sample, note off is automatically place on end of sample (with delay included) So it would show visually where thing ends but it would not really need any additional visual info

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I wish these threads were a bit more focused… Maybe a voting system or something ?

Because there are like 20% of good ideas and 80% of things that are either already possible, extremely niche or… straight up “I want ableton live/reason/whatever into renoise”, as well as a lot of things that are easily done with free/cheap vst (like granular synthesis).

I wish we could stick to fixing the bottlenecks of Renoise workflow such as the cumbersome time stretching feature or the very limited midi (especially with VST effects)

As I said in a previous post, adding too many features is a bad idea, because this is what renders a software unusable. It is critical to make sure the core features are flawless before adding anything big.

The only “niche” feature I’d really want to see is the Polyend Tracker collaboration because it’ll bring a lot of people to Renoise as well as providing a proper controller to draft ideas. Like Renoise’s own little Push in a way.

But, if I had to choose 3 features, I’d say : midi, effect routing (parallel, etc…), and better stretching UI


In the end Taktik will decide what he thinks is the most important. He reads these posts, but won’t decide by any voting. So like 95% of the amount of requests is obsolete anyway. It’s more like a self-therapy for frustrated renoise users. You put your (maybe negative or evne positive) energy into space, where it deflagrates. Problem solved, you freed your mind, only god will care. I do that since… 2006? or so. If you write feature requests such a long time, you realize that the most ones will be repeated over and over again. So I guess anything possible already was written here :laughing:


Bullshit. If only we say RAS enough times, things will be better.

Otoh, the request for paralell routing seems quite common, so it doesn’t hurt mentioning it once more :wink: