What genre is my new track?

Hey everyone,

This is a new track of mine I’ve been working on, I can’t really figure out what genre this fits in to. I guess I just call these tracks “chillout”, but is there a more specific genre?


Also what do people think? :)


Arrhythmic Orange

if I were the author of this song, I would have probably filed it under the “dark ambient” category, under which I generally put all my productions which are made of airy and lo-fi sounds.

a very good song anyway!

For those who are interested I made a video that briefly shows how this track is broken down as it plays:

I was thinking of maybe doing a few tutorials later as well… Is that kind of thing something people want to see?


Arrhythmic Orange

there is an entire Youtube channel dedicated to Renoise tutorials, and there is much more community content available as well. So, every contribution is definitely welcome

Hi there,

in the first place it came to me, that tune fits
as a(n) (end-) score of a quite dark-ish film. Great
details, “main line” stays in foreground.

Well done!