What gimmicks to use onstage with renoise?

Ive seen people in the past use joy2midi in order to hook up a joystick and control some effect like delay or filter cutoff. People love it. Its doable with any cheap joystick I guess.

As renoise is not so much geared towards live useage I was wondering can anyone recommend some kind of gimmick that I can use to give people something visual to understand?

I was thinking maybe a flight-yoke, as you may use when controlling a flight simulator or perhaps something else?

I saw someone using some balls which had flashing lights inside with i-pad, but it wasnt so great I thought.

Something flashy, with the power to move people, like the lazer harp, but cheap as possible and portable…is it possible to control effects with theremins?..maybe some kind of power-glove like on NES?

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If you can measure it with the pc to become numbers -> you can turn anything that produces a stream of numbers into midi values, and via midi you can control any effect parameters in renoise.

I just thought about something nice and visual for a live context. I don’t know specific controllers exist for general sale, but I think I’ve already seen some in action, mostly related to VR Gaming and such.

Like with the means of “motion tracking” devices, tracking the position of the hand or some gadget you are holding with the hand in 3d. Like producing x, y and z position values of your hand relative to some fix point.

This could get very expressive, and also a nice show element. Like have a noise that fades in/out as you poke towards the crowd with your arm, and gets filtered by up/down movement of your hand. Better not make it too hard to learn and perform, so sideways movement controls nothing… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Maybe some wireless position tracking thing could work. Optical motion tracking via camera is maybe not the best idea…you cannot know if it would function with the lighting of the live environment.

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that would be pretty cool…the virtual reality controllers with ‘yaw, pitch, roll’…

its probably possible to use iphone with some osc messages as well…they have the ‘mercury switch’.

Thats probably a good way to do it…
just to wave something around, the sound changes…people go ‘oh yeh, that changes the sound’

another nice way is getting renoise tracks into traktor or something, then scratching and stuff with ‘serato’, but I cant scratch…there is always pad drumming and knob twiddling/crossfader too I guess.

just to look like your doing something other than pressing play on laptop and using faders with a mouse

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