What Girlfriends Say... About Renoise

Today my wife sat down in front of the computer and commented on Renoise 2.0, looking at the Disk Browser button and then reading :

“Dick Browser”

Ain’t that cute? :P

So, what other stuff have you guys heard about Renoise?

I always get the inevitable matrix comment.

Lemme guess… your theme is green on black? :P

“I want a divorce”


“Oh, you’re making music? That’s great, I’ll leave you alone, then.”

…I love my future wife… :D

Your future wife will make some different statements when she is your wife:
“Are you still sinking your eyes in that goddamn spreadsheet editor!? Either that thing goes or I will go!”

My gf uses Renoise :)

my girlfriend usese Renoise (demo :)) as a metronome and frequency removal tool (through LineInDevice + Filter) as she is learning to play bass. She also tried in the past to learn it as a composing tool, but skipped the idea because she prefers the “real thing”.

absolutely nothing

more like disturbing :panic:

But then, I read your name as transgender the first time

Does she sidechain? :P

My girlfriend doesn’t get it, but that’s ok. If she did, I’d feel crowded. I like having my own thing. :D

Had a talk about this with my girlie, we agreed that I need time alone with the tracker, in the same way as she needs time alone to study… and both agreed that neither of us has the right to rob the other of that space. Give and take ftw

I use Renoise as a cover-tab for my porn…

the inverse:

“go away. i’m masturbating” ah, more tracking

She: What’s that?
Me: Renoise, I’m making music
She: Oh!?
Me: Yes, look, here’s the editor where you can enter notes, and these are sample slots, and this is a graphical representation of a sound and this is…
Me: Where’you goin’?
She: uhu - very interesting…
Me: grmbl

Me: “Look sweety! Renoise 2.0!”
She: “Pfff… Fruityloops has a beatslicer.”

hear hear

(… soon not so much kidding. really :)

So do I. I mean I love mine too. She always gives me some space for my projects. And that’s sweet. She likes it very much that I’m doing it, but tells that that’s some creepy shit how you do that :P

Your girlfriend is Happy Milkshake Man?