What Happened To Sdcompo.com?

anyone know? did sonicade forget to pay his web host? :)

No idea, and since Sonicade is out of the country right now it might be a while before the issue gets fixed.

I actually addressed it with him earlier today by sending an email.


I don’t think he forgot to pay his webhost though because … http://www.sonicade.com/ still works, and I think it’s on the same server.

Hopefully we’ll hear something soon, and maybe get an extension on the round 36 deadline.

Could also be the host has overwritten his index file because he doesn’t have (a valid) one.
Some serverhosting providers change your index as soon as their scripts notice there is no index.html / html / php or whatever on their server and just to be sure something responds, they just put an ad- index there.

Sounds possible.

Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything back from Sonicade yet. But I’ve only sent mails to his SDcompo and Soundevotion addresses. I just sent Mick an email to see if he has another address for Ken that he might be more likely to check while getting sick from the pollution in China.

If anybody else has other email addresses for Sonicade, please send him one to let him know the site is down!

When I saw the hijacked domain yesterday I thought “no, not right now!”. Too good entrants this round and last round was a boom already. Really want sdc to live on. Tried to mail 'cade, too but I also have only his @sdcompo address. I’m really willing to help if there’s anything one can do. Scott, what about an email-address at his sonicade-domain?

Actually Gilli, now that I checked my email… The one at the Sonicade domain is one of the ones I sent to. That and the Soundevotion address.

I’m sure he’s just busy right now. And I’m sure he’ll get the site back up as soon as he can. And… hopefully a deadline extension which would be great because I was worried I wasn’t going to have enough time to finish my round 36 entry.

P.S. Gilli, Paul sent me what you guys are working on. Badass stuff if I might say so. :D It seems I wasn’t the only one who had the idea to sing some high notes this time. :P

i’ve also sent him one (@sonicade.com) this morning.
poor sonicade getting literally spammed with S.O.S. mailings as it seems. ;)

I bet all the emails are getting busted by Chinese censors.

On a more serious note, I have an entry almost prepared, but I forget when the deadline is, not that it matters if nobody can submit it…

Stop bashing countries, guys, SDC is up again! :)
Oh no, only 3 days left - IO, I was just hoping like you to have a deadline extension :)

Has anyone actually heard back from Sonicade? I wonder if he even had to do anything to fix it.

DNS fuckup/h4x?

don’t know what happened, but it’s back up again now…

i’ve heard from him today via mail.
i assume he won’t mind if i post it here just for the record…

I found out on 3/1 that the domain had expired after trying to visit the site.  
I've been traveling in China and getting access to the net or my email has been difficult.  
Thanks for sending me the note. I've reactivated the domain so things should run smoothly now.  
Sonicade / Kentaro Fischer  

Bad news, here we are the day of voting deadline and the site is down again …

500 Internal Server Error

I’ve emailed Sonicade at his Yahoo account which he said he is more likely to check while away.

If it stays down too long and there are a bunch of absent votes by the deadline, I will extend voting out another day or two.

I will keep you all updated.


and this time even the chick is gone :(

For some reason I was thinking today was the deadline for voting … But it’s actually tomorrow. So we may not have to extend the deadline, depending on how soon it comes back

Well, it looks like it’s been back up for at least 2 hours now. I haven’t heard back from Sonicade yet, so I don’t know if it fixed itself, or what.

I’ll closely monitor who has voted tomorrow evening and if there are some people missing, I will probably extend the voting deadline by 1 day just to be fair. I would hate people to have absent votes just because of site downtime.

Good luck everybody!