What happened to the community download page?

(Pcine) #1

the community download page that contained
the page no longer exists…
why did this happen?


Asked numerous times. Taktik is working on it since new forum appeared

Posted by Taktik:

The old Renoise download section isn’t converted yet, but we’re planning to replace it with a simpler version of it, by creating a new “Renoise Assets” category here where you can upload your Renoise contents and tag them.
The old downloads content will then be moved into this new category or will be made accessible in other ways.

(taktik) #3

Yep. And unfortunately the downloads “resurrection” will also take a longer while. It doesn’t have much priority now.

But I’ve moved the old download contents now to our files server, so the old download content is at least accessible for now:

Read-only archive of the old forum downloads

Licorice Skin for Renoise
(Raul (ulneiz)) #4

Thank you very much for this!


Thank you!