What Idiot Designed This Toy?


EDIT: Hmm, it looks like they removed the picture. Interesting. Here’s another site http://www.ubergizmo.com/15/archives/2006/…its_amazon.html and here’s the picture from it:


that is extra frekking hilarious!!!

dora the explorer, ha!

thats kind of shocking! i mean when they made those Gstrings for really little girls, i thought it was pretty damn distasteful. an then with the media trying to make the really little girls into sex objects, it gets worse.
an now they they invented an object that could be used as what it looks like, marketed to the really little girls. is just sick.

trying not to think about it in that depth tho. so i can laugh my ass off about this! :D
seriously very funny!

Ew, that’s sick, I mean, people who make these must sit and laugh their ass off while working.

What’s shocking is that it gets through the “filter”; people who have to clarify the product and so forth.

The angle of which the toy has been photographed is also very unfortunate.

Sick joke. Sick.

That’s too cool. Amazon removed the whole article.

The first link was just a supersize of the image, but it got posted on many blogs around the world, this topic is pretty hot. I guess it just caused too much data traffic because of that.

shocking! phallus-like fruit is aviable to children! will this explicit shape cause permanent demage to young girls or boys who do not have developed a clue about sexuality yet? :rolleyes:

It gets worse!
you’ve obviously never heard of “playschool” and the “bananas in pajamas

“mummy, what happens when you take the banana out of its pajamas?”


Let’s test if you r inner child still lives inside of you regarding sexuality…

What do you see here?

I see alot of dophins bothering the hell outta a couple trying to have sex.


All I can see is this:

The dolphins are the least of their problems. Unless they find a way out of the bottle, both the couple and the dolphins will die of suffocation.

if they generate enough “steam” they could build enough pressure to blow the cork :D