What If The Internal Sampler Could Read...

could it be possible?
for multiple sample map formats, like giga,akai,nsf etc?

Only if Renoise supports multilayering as well.
Currently the instrument structure is not advanced enough for that.
Also it depends how much money should be shelled out for support of Giga and AKAI formats.

I believe the S5000 disk formats are open and available, but the S3000 and larger samplers are not.
And anything that costs extra money per sold piece of software is not going to be implemented.
(that’s why Mp3 is being imported using a third party solution)

ah that makes sense, i was wondering why the mp3 decoding was the way it was, thanks Vvoois. :)

maybe this could be something of a purchaseable addon?
that way, there wouldnt be the need for ppl to run vst samplers in renoise.
(which i would never do btw)
the ability to run the instrument based pattern effect commands on them would be nice!

btw i was wondering how Arguru got all those sample formats to be available in his direct wave vsti, maybe he got imageline to hook it up?

would be sweet tho, if he owned the rights an could send em over this way! ;D

forgive me if that last line looks off, i dunno anything about licensing!

oh… so import of those formats cost money?

anyway, personally I would use third party tools to convert to XRNI format.
Too much hassle to import all the time (though that would be great too).
But tools like Awave and CDxtract do the job very well (yes they cost money).
Awave already got most tracker formats. And I’m sure it will get the xrns/i ASAP after the realease of 1.8 final.
About multilayering… lets just beg that i will come soon :) probably for the next renoise version. Its pretty easy to code and was really close to be implanted for 1.8.

ooo, thats a much better idea!

multilayering mmmmmmm!

Yeah, but if the new RNI structure would have been implemented it would definately have been called Renoise 2.0 and this would have upset a lot of users.
I don’t really know if “this close” to be implemented is really true.
Sagosen (Sorry Sewen, you were only Sagosen’s string-puppet :P) has choosen to get audio recording implemented which probably shifted the new RNI structure off the implementation schedule for 1.8

Yeah… I ment the next bigger version update, not next beta or something ;)
But to support multilayers there is really not much new to code. It’s ‘just’ a GUI thing. But of course there are a million things on the todo list, so somwhere the line had to be drawn and stop adding new features. And multilayering didn’t make it this time.