What Is Everyone Working On?

This thread, is for ‘everything’ related to discussing what you (the person reading this) are working on.

I’ve taken a hiatus from music and am learning 3d programs again like blender, because i want to design a running shoe, and I made a mockup in gimp. Now I just have to go through the tutorials for blender to build it properly. have been playing around in sc3 with the pen, seeing what i can do with it, and a little music in it too, just example mods really, foolin around.
Also, trying to find someone to make a map for mirror’s edge based on habitat '67 :w00t:
I’ve been working on relationship stuff with women, which is, greatly rewarding!
working on putting 12 volt lighting coils in 6 volt lighting systems for a few puch mopeds i bought last summer. so I can ride at night, with bright lights.
Lately I have been sharing many of my taught & learned & discovered philosophies on the world to close friends. I put this in this thread because bringing the words to a visual understanding that makes some sort of coherent sense, is work! :D

-and working on using capitol letters when I write.
-not quite there yet.

Thanks for threading up Mirror’s Edge. It reignited my interests in Parkour.

[http://johann-lau.de/flala__Staub_(kurz_da…p3 music a~sh](http://johann-lau.de/flala__Staub_(kurz_davor_und_doch).mp3 music a~sh)

Currently trying to learn AutoCAD and Final Cut for school :)

I’m working on getting an album together… and it’s not going to well at all.
I’m also working on not hating mah job… that’s not going to well either.

learning java, virtools, maya and more for school, working on my dj skills with timecode vinyl, making tunes in one genre for more than a song at a time, not giving in to alcoholism, weed or apathy.

oh also working…

…too busy… more coffee?

I am working on my own mvc-framework in php. Which is live for prove-concept on Basskick.net.

Then I am planning my marriage, which is in July.

Creating musical and lyrical explanations to go with every song on All Will Change, which will be clickable next to the brand new custom audio streaming widget that I’m creating using KickApps (after the guys there implement the changes I requested).

When that’s done, I’ll be expanding the upcoming Earthen Websites site, a web design/coding venture which is kind of in beta at the moment.

Still working on the next EP, which has become much more elborate than initially planned (as usual). About 75% done, though there’s still the vocals to record and artwork to do. There will be more stuff coming on my news feed about this when I feel it’s good enough to go up.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been looking at Foxycart since last year to handle e-commerce on my site, as their method is vastly quicker and more convenient for both the customer and the coder than anything else I’ve seen. I’ve just received word that they’re working on Paypal Standard integration, which is what I’ve been waiting for. When that happens the Earthen Records site will also undergo a slight design change too.

Preparing voor GPZH Dance Finals of April 17th, with a new concept.

so you’re going naked this time?
polderporn :P

I’m working on what to do now that I’ve graduated from high-school, that is trying to look for a job I don’t want and reading for exams and feeling crappy about having to go to the army because of the law.
But in the meantime I’m trying to find inspiration for writing, drawing or music, and cooking a lot.

i’m working on strengthening my relationships with the people i’ve neglected since being in a relationship (that traumatically ended only three weeks ago).

working on a bit of new material for upcoming shows, though it needs to be more than a bit.

working on a compilation for my netlabel THEM Records.

Workin on some remixes and an upcoming album.

I hear ya byte, work sucks…

I’m just working very hard. (Job)

you promised me not to spoil the surprise, you polderprick

Trying to learn Aphex’s Avril 14th on my keyboard and also some Erik Satie songs. This is hard because i own a keyboard since about a month (i never really played piano before) and I also try to learn the songs just by listening it and trying to reproduce the notes.

It works but i should better find easier songs. The end of Avril 14th is really to hard for me. Maybe some of you already tried to play it ?

Only the end of Avril 14th? Without transposing it it really is the most annoying/difficult song I’ve ever tried to learn, so I stopped, I ran out of patience. There is a score for it though, but it’s always better do to it by ear. I Think I might try to learn it again some time now. I suggest trying to learn some of the music from Donnie Darko by Michael Andrews, relatively easy but challenging enough for a beginner but still damn good songs. Sometimes getting a MIDI of a song is good because you can easily slow it down so you can play along even if you suck, the only problem is finding good MIDI’s. Also, you can find some fairly good piano transcriptions for lots of songs on Youtube, some with a good tutorial on how to play it and I find them helpful.

Satie is really good to play too and it’s incredible.

:rolleyes: Erik Satie is a Hero!

Good luck playing it!

Ahh …did that some years ago …just by listening to the song …took me a day or 2 to nail it 100 percent …
THe chords at the end ar the most difficult to replicate …
Also replayed kesson dalef …the last piano track onthe first cd …
It was indeed a verry good hearing exercise .

I’ve been going to school working on obtaining my medical assistant certification. Hardly anytime to play in renoise lately.