What Is Happening Here?

I am not sure if this is a beginners question… look at the pic and listen to the soundclip


If I play each note separately it sounds just like the beginning, but if I play more than one note at the same time and then stop all but one of them, the sound of the remaining one is different. Is that normal? How can I get to the sound it has after the release of the other notes, without doing that? In order to begin a pettern with it for example.

Oh and I just noticed… the track names are from another project and I messed around with the bass on this track and heard this. Yeah I know it is not a guitar :D

It’s interesting that you have the mda JX16… where did you get it from? I’ve only ever seen mda JX10 available online. Shouldn’t matter too much either way, since the “Analog Bass 2” preset in JX10 sounds identical to your example.

Anyway… since the “Analog Bass 2” patch is monophonic, this type of behaviour is quite common. In this case, it seems like the filter envelope of the original note is not being reset when you release the other notes. It’s not very clear from your post exactly what you are trying to do here, so I’ll give you both options.

  • If you want the C-5 note on line line 32 to sound the same as line 00, then you should insert another C-5 note on line 32. This will cause the filter envelope to be triggered once more and give you the sound of the original note.

  • If you want the C-5 note on line 00 to sound the same as line 32 (after the C-6 and A-5 notes have been released), then set the VCF Env and VCF Vel parameters in JX16 to 0%. This will disable the filter envelope and give you a more flat sound, but it will also affect the sound of the other notes as well.

Maybe one of these two things is what you want, maybe not. If you want something more advanced, then you’ll probably have to automate the parameters change at certain points in your pattern, to gain more control over everything.

I am not sure where I got it, just googled free vst for mac or something…
I wanted to get to the second result you listed, if I put both to 0 I do not hear anything but if I play around a bit it works, thank you :)