What Is More Important For Renoise. Ram Or Cpu?

Hi there.

I have worked in I.T for many years. To take it to extremes, I know that a 2Mhz CPU with 4 gig of RAM will out perform an Intel Quad core with 256 meg of RAM 50 times over in most day to day applications.
The CPU is only part of a chain and can only reach its potential if other components provide it quickly enough.

So, I was wondering. What is preferred in Renoise for VSTi synths and effects and such. A super fast new CPU with say 1 gig of RAM or an average CPU with 4 gig of RAM?

I ask as Im currently researching 2nd hand Power Macs mainly for running Renoise.

for synths and effects: CPU
for samplers: RAM and fast HDD.

Thanks m8. CPU for me then. Never been much into samplers. Even back in the Akai days. Mind, loved using others samples though lol, just Lazy I guess.

I always thought that renoise loads the samples into ram …nOt true ?

I doubt CPU’s from the 70’s were capable of addressing that much RAM though :lol:

A superfast CPU with 1 gig of RAM.

How often do you have tunes that are bigger than, say, 100 MB, not to mention “so big it memory gets swapped” (because before that, more RAM is more or less wasted - not so with a CPU)? At least I don’t and therefore I never have had RAM problems even with 1 gig and running stuff in the background - but always wish I had a faster CPU :)

don’t forget people using VSTi samplers: Renoise songs are usually smaller because they don’t allow multilayered/grouped instruments, but when XRNI will support this feature, XRNS files will become potentially bigger and may require HDD streaming.

if you use Native Instruments Kontakt together with a huge library, you are very likely to use more than 1GB of RAM for your song in Renoise.