What is _quantum?

I did an oprint on renoise.song().tracks[].prefx_volume and noticed the parameters value_quantum and time_quantum

I can’t work what these are for and where they might be useful, can anyone enlighten me?

Normally, DSP parameters work with floating point precision, but some devices will only work with quantized values.
An example would be the Filter Type, which set it’s values in steps of one - so here, the quantum is 1

On the other hand, time_quantum sounds like it could be used for time travel :D
Actually not sure which parameters that make use of it, but I am sure the principle is the same

Ah ok, I get that, thanks :)

time_quantum is still quite confusing though, I mean why would this be on a volume fader? Unless its something to do automation… anyway I thought they were some kind of esoteric/hidden functions waiting to be exploited!

Here’s what the devs had to say (lua docs will soon be updated with this info):

Sweet, looking forward to it :)