What is the best DAW in the world today?

Each year, MusicRadar makes a poll to vote for your favourite DAW.

I voted for Renoise, of course.


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I wish that someone would ask what the weirdest DAW is? Lol. I would have my ideas. [NOT Renoise!] As for “Best”, that’s a bit like asking what’s the best car; a dune buggy is better or worse than a Pontiac or a heavy hauler truck?

I would say REAPER is one of the best out there, also considering the price. Nevertheless I you Renoise more often as I like using the keyboard for entering notes anf the integrated analyzer is a huge plus for me.


The best daw is always the one you just hate a little :slightly_smiling_face:


To me a more interesting question would be to drill down a bit more: what is the best DAW if you don’t use a midi keyboard and do it all in the box? FL Studio suited me because I did everything in the box [have an arturia minilab would rarely used it]. I am new to Renoise so I don’t know if I can still do it all in the box; I might have to get a new midi keyboard.

if you didn’t use at all your midi with fl studio, i doubt that you would use it more with renoise, because it’s tracker at its core, where people tend to use keyboard for streamlined composing combining shortcuts on keyboard up with inserting/editing notes. Well that depends on do you “program” and edit your music, or you just play and record few tracks and edit less…

The best car would be …a Renault… Is this the Renoise forum?

Whichever one you’re using.

It gives a tendency. That’s all what you can expect of this kind of poll. It’s more or less based on popularity, but perhaps popularity can be explained by very cool features. I don’t know. Of course you can just ignore the poll, keep your personal best DAW, and continue to make awesome tracks with it.