What Is The Best New Years Song?

What is the one song you really like to hear on New Years eve?

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Trilogy :yeah:
a 15 minute wacked 70’s rock’n’moog progressive takeoff adventure.
Ok, I admit I was a bit “out there” when I first heard this song, but it’s still one the greatest songs ever imo. :D

Uh… The only one I know of is auld lang syne

The End - The Doors

For some reason, I would have appreciated to listen to some new stuff from myself in general.
This new years eve however, I was forced to listen to YMCA… :smashed:

(don’t ask… EVER!)


After 15 years I still can’t get enough of it haha.

link to the ELP tune i talked about:
(ok, it was 9 minutes, not 15 as I thought…)

check it out. from beginning to end. high volume. don’t be fooled by the gay intro, it has to be that way :)