What is the equivalent to "Detune" in the Sampler

So I’m trying to simulate some plugin presets that I have in the sampler with renoise because I run it in linux and WINE can be buggy at times (I know there’s native linux build, but the windows version lets me run plugins) and right now I’m trying to recreate a p8 preset (80’s Poly Synth 1 to be specific). The Oscillator uses a “Detune”, however it doesn’t sound like what I would get just by duplicating a saw wave and using the fine tine to detune them a little. The fine tune method creates a really weird phase-y sort of noise for lack of a better word, but the detune sounds much sharper in comparison.

Just wondering what the best way to emulate detuning an oscillator with “detune” is and how plugins usually go about that.

If I’m not making sense basically I wanna know how to “detune” with the sampler as a synth.

EDIT: Fuck, nevermind I’m just gonna mess around more and I’ll come back to you guys later. Just ignore this lol, I don’t know how to delete the topic.

You need to change the phase of one of the osc samples, so both saw’s dont start at the same phase. You can also use the phrase feature with several C-4’s with different Sxx effects on each note column and mutually exclusive mode, so each note trigger will sound different, too.

For better/finer finetuning you may take two identical samples on two different modulation sets, open a macro and click on the Pitch - Input slider of one of the mod sets, then change the -1 and 1 to lower values, like -0.020 and 0.020 or something. You may change the pitch range later if you quickly want it to detune more or less.

Now the macro is slightly detuning one of the samples resulting in a detune effect. You will still have phasing, but there is sort of a way to prevent this (with side effects).

What you do is to add an LFO to the same Pitch chain, choose the noise mode , set the amplitude and the frequency to max or adjust to the frequency you think sounds best. Set the LFO to * .

This will at least take away the awful frequently constant phasing which can ruin it completely unless you hide it well in the mix.

Edit: I made a little example combining the said effect with a vibrato :

Sample properties -> Finetune

You need multiple samples. Sometimes “detune” on a synth, the way you’re describing the behavior, is short for “unison detune” – meaning it stacks multiple waves (unison) and detunes them from each other.

In Renoise you need to manually stack the waves yourself, and then use the finetune property to detune them from one another (or use modulation sets as TheBellows mentioned)

Yes, i forgot to say, the more samples detuned, the fatter the sound. Just do the same as i said above, but duplicate the sample and mod set. Then add it to the macro, only this one you set to 0.020 to -0.020 or similar.

Maybe you mix up the “detune” between two things. Some synths declare it in different ways. The first “detune” being an amount of detuning between 2 different oscillators most probably named “finetune” or so, the other being the mean detunes or laddered detunes (so also finetunes, but for more than one osc) of a big stack of copies of the main oscillators playing in “unison”? The second will sound different, i.e. like a supersaw type of synth, very thick but with smoothened edges in sound, and can only be achieved in renoise by putting many oscs detuned against each other onto the keyzones, more than 2.