What is the heart of electronic music to you?

In other words, what makes it unique and why is the craft you’ve decided to devote your time to as opposed to some other medium in creative music?

For me, electronic music is about exploration. It’s about discovering a new sound that nobodies ever heard before and showing it to the world for the first time. It’s about manipulating the mundane into something extraordinary.

The beauty of Renoise to me, is that it gets at the very heart of this sense of discovery. When I sit down with Renoise, I never know what’s going to come out in the end. Taking a boring predictable sample and discovering a new playable instrument unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Looking at the sample commands and seeing what you can do. “Lets see what happens when I reverse this at this specific point.” What happens when I expand the pattern editor to an odd number like 17LPB? It’s an unpredictable experience and I love it.

Q: What is the heart of electronic music?
A: Drugs.


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Electronic music is to me like any other music, the only important factor is if i like it or not.

sometimes there is music that is very special. that music doesnt exist very often. if you find it, you know what it is. electronic music goes back to the beginning of our being. its about to feel the rhythm of life, the universe and how to find unity. electronic music is about meditation. it is a symbol of what exists in our minds…its the beauty of entity!

What I like about using computers or sequencers is the potential complexity, not only soundwise, but also when it comes to melody, tempo, measures, etc. I think it’s awesome for any composer to be independent of even the best musician’s skills. Even if you don’t do crazy stuff, it’s great to have the opportunity to do so.

(But generally I don’t care about the way some music is produced. I want it to touch me, make me think, or make me dance, or whatever, that’s all I care about.)

A better answer could not have been given. Awesome :)
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LOL Rollins is awesome.

I should have phrased the question better. I meant more from a song writers perspective. I should have asked, “What drives you to write electronic music as opposed to other types of music?”

Poor, imagining a better future involving technology. Like a sort of messed up gospel music. Some stuff like Newcleus might seem like a joke now but maybe meant alot to me. So maybe I have other reasons now but somewhere in me, I want to make that feeling in someone else. Probably, can’t, but want to?

I hear electronic sounds in my head. I write guitar music when I hear guitar sounds in my head. I write string quartets when I hear string quartet sounds in my head. And I write electronic music when I hear them all together in my head.