What is the OS percentage for Renoise?

I went 100% Linux [Ubuntu Studio 19.10] a week ago. I had been in Windows 7 for 10 years; I tried Windows 10 once and I’d rather be eaten alive by a Scorpion. I had licenses in Windows 7 for Renoise, Reaper, Mixcraft 8 and FL Studio, and technically Abelton Light that came once with my Arturia MInilab.

Best thing I ever did to go full Linux. What is the % of Linux users who use Renoise?

According to your reply that you had struggle to untar file for 1 hour, you surely didn’t go “full linux” but i’m glad that you made the choice. Sooner or later you will get along with it just fine. You can find documentation about anything online nowadays. Get comfy with terminal, use man pages etc…

I personally use arch on my personal laptop, but i have company’s laptop which is MacBookPro (which i hate utmost)

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Could’ve set up a poll. Then you’d see how the active forum users are set up.

I’m also Linux fan since many years. Never looked back to windows. In the first years some things were sometimes frustrating, but the Linux ecosystem has developed pretty nice in the last years. Even with more and more commercial software popping into the market, when first there were almost only free programs, that aren’t always on par with the standard…which means more and more professional DAWs and plugins available for us soundguys… Also hardware support has become increasingly better over the years. Though you might still find some hardware that will work flaky or not at all…

I seen in another thread that you’re fresh to Linux and have stuff to learn. Don’t hesitate about the Linux community, in Linux wikis and forums and even on this forum you can get very good learning and support for free, as long as you are respectful and take some attention to formulating the question the right way and providing the right info from your system. At least until you have learnt the basics and found how to google the problems the right way, and tell bad instructions (that break your system™) from appropriate ones.

Once you learn to fix problems yourself and get some experience with scripting, you will as a side effect learn how to customize your system in many very unique ways, that windows and mac people would never dare to dream about. And there are huge resources on the net with info, programs, modules etc. to add to or change your system with, all for free, …

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I mainly use Windows 10 for media stuff (which includes Renoise).

To developers:
Please keep Windows 7 x64 support up, coz Win 10 is spying rubbish with alpha quality stability and low performance especially in 3D.

just migrate to linux then, if ‘spying’ is your concern. Anyway, internet traffic is analyzed so you cannot really be ‘undercover’ if you look a bit deeper… :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s silly to ask Renoise devs to support an OS that Microsoft doesn’t even support anymore. This is one of the many reasons why Linux is so great – Long Term Support versions for old hardware!

I’d switch if there is possibility. Problem is that i need good raster editor and Gimp is not an option for me, in terms of speed and functionality. I use Affinity Photo.

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Actually Win 7 is supported via ESU, till '23.

Pretty interesting what limitations Windows 7 have, to prevent Renoise from developing under appointed OS.

What’s ESU? This says it’s ded ded ded:

Besides, you can always dual boot windows and linux, or use a virtualizer for one or the other, no?

Yes, dual boot is working here, but i am pretty fine with Win 7 patched to date. Everything is working blazing fast.

I’m on Mac and glad I am. Used to be on Win and still have to use it at work.
My Macbook Pro from 2013 still runs like a charm :slight_smile: