What is the quickest way to move from the note sub-column to the fx sub-column without a mouse?

Hello all,

I’m creating some fun breakbeat music in Renoise, but have run into a sticking point. When I enter a note, I’d like to move to the fx column of the note I just entered so I can do some sample offset entry. I’ve tried pressing Shift + the note but then it creates another note column. Using just the arrow keys is a tad slow because the fx field is the last one on the right.

I understand I can press Ctrl+0 to prevent my cursor from going down to the next note, but I’ve not found a shortcut that will send me between the various sub-columns of note, volume, pan, delay, and fx. Like a more granular tab/shift+tab functionality. Does such a thing exist in the stock Renoise? Do I need to modify the program in any way?


Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m not looking for more granular selection, I’m more looking to quickly tab between the note and fx sub-columns.

Ah, I see. Thank you.