What Is The Radio Like Where You Live?

I live on Seattle, There is not one techno station. the only station that plays electronic music plays top40 dance music and is broadcasted from a High School . It is not like Chicago were there is allot of techno and electronic stations. There is one good Industrial/EBM/Gothic/Synthpop show from 6:00
to 9:00 SUN. (our time).It is supported by donations.(Community supported). http://www.ontheedgeradio.com

Seattle has the worst radio stations of any major U.S. City. There are Some good electronic bands here but You never hear about them unless You look. Some good electronic bands from here are Asseblage23, SMP(You do not here them on the radio, ecept the radio show) . There are other bands on smaller labels. You can’t find them in most stores though. one of the The best music label/stores in the Country for Industrial/EBM/Synthpop is located here in Seattle http://www31.brinkster.com/ADSRMusicWerks/db/

Most radio channels here in Sweden are crap too… A few commercial ones which only play pop in different forms and then four non-commercial ones, some with almost only music and one with no music at all. But there are some good programs, a couple of hours a week I guess, which play good electronic music…

When I wanna listen to radio I normally listen to Rant Radio which only plays EBM & synth (A23, VNV, Apop, Devision etc).

well, complete crap.

if it was not for one single station, I would not even own a radio, but there is one called “deutschlandfunk” (the german version of BBC world might be a way to describe it), they play not much music, and if they do its crappy music, but they have lot of discussions and reports about politics, art, science and such stuff. its just good to listen to to stay informed.

other than that, I make good use of my 60 GB MP3 collection :)

Sorry that was me, I thought I was logged in. :huh:

Hey Johan, great link, thanks! :)

I can’t get most internet radio with my 56k. :(

my most favourite radio programs are just spoken, though probably the best music stations in Italy are, surprisingly, the 3 public stations:

Radio RAI 1 play music for middle age people mainly, but it’s more about news.

Radio RAI 2 have an interesting program for new and fringe sounds called “Suoni ed Ultrasuoni” (Sounds and ultrasounds).

Radio RAI 3 focuses on classical music, with wide interest for experiment (contemporary, electronic)

the rest, apart from Radio Capital and Radio Montecarlo, which at least have some good taste, is crap.

Local stations for every tastes also exist in big cities.

here’s a singapore profile…

we have stations of different languages - reflecting the multicultural society here. i listen to mostly english ones.

wkrz 91.3 - my favourite trance and house tunes
perfect 10 98.7fm - top 40 and rick dees… :rolleyes:
class 95 - retromania and oldies

tvmobile - in singapore there’s this digital television channel for public transport commuters. we get to watch the news while travelling on a bus, etc. the volume is turned down, so it doesn’t irritate the sleepy passengers, so we tune in via a fm reciever to have audio :)