What Is The Stop Song Command?

I’ve heard F000 doesn’t stop the song, but it sets the tempo to 00. Is there such a command? I’ve just come to the end of my first renoise tune!

No, F000 will just stop the song.

the only use I could imageine for a “stop song” command which does not make just what F000 already does, is that you don’t want the song to be looped. If this is your case, add an empty pattern at the end, press the little rectangle on the left of the last pattern number, in the pattern list, and it will be looped forever.

It’s just to do with how I always used to “complete” my tunes, and confirm its length. Nothing else really! Taktik, sorry for wasting your time, If I’d looked in the bottom left corner when I entered F000 that would have confirmed it for me.
Thanks anyhow.