What Is This All About?

After reading the comparison between me and “Adolf Hitler” I think this is running totally out of control.

  • It is an essential right of any author to decide about terms and conditions for providing his work. Period.

  • Providing and sharing work for free doesn’t make it public property in any way. Period.

  • Receiving something for free is in no way a basis to raise claims on other peoples work. Period.

Making use of my most basic rights about my own work is the reason to compare me with a multi-million mass murder and dictator? Are there any limits here?

The effect of what’s still going on here will be that new people joining this community with the purpose to contribute will think over their contributions more than once, because this community obviously stands for the attitude of making other peoples work their own, raising claims without any background and not accepting the most essential rights of an author. Authors making use of their essential and pretty normal rights become flamed to death and far beyond.

The bad thing is, this doesn’t happen because the whole community has bad intentions, sharing the evadable obvious attitude. It happens because of a very few people who found a stage for their own intentions, issues and sick games, in no way related to music or Renoise. These people are damaging the whole community. And they give a fuck about it, because it makes their day.

I guess it was pretty obvious I became active here to move something, share what I’ve got and not at least to participate from other member’s knowledge, with anything but bad intentions. I’ve made mistakes after a missunderstanding, I’ve recognized my mistakes, I’ve apologized. I may even be a plain asshole sometimes. I still don’t assume everything that didn’t find positive feedback was a mistake. But things would definteley have went different if I’d known who I’m mainly dealing with.

It’s up to the upright and honest people here, which I assume this forum to mainly consists of, and to the admins to stop what’s going on and keep the door open for future contributors, so they dont have to fear to be insanely compared even to multi-million mass murders, only for making use of their own basic and pretty normal rights. Because this is far beyond anything sane.


Why not just let it all be, go outside and have some fun? Instead of opening new pointless threads that won’t change anything? :huh:

And to answer the question in the post title, this is the internet. Welcome. Either get used to it, or don’t use it, it’s that simple :)


It’s about the fact that most open forums today get polluted by second-handers with too much spare time and a pseudo-intellectual jukebox to fuel their senseless driftings into the orbits of egocentrism.

Some people on this forum disintegrate for the sake of disintegration. There is a reason for the words in my signature.

Holland 2 - Brazil 1 !!!


It might be good to put in the forum agreement, “Thou whilst be dealing with sociopaths, acute mental illness and avid drug abuse.” :D

I was on drugs.

Yes there are but besides general limits for each there are also personal limits.
Repeating what I responded in an earlier topic I closed today: Try to solve it backstage with the person(s) you have the issue with or contact us (admins / moderators) if you can not settle with the person. I have said this also some time ago when a French member was trolling around this forum. (The member got banned eventually)

By closing down that specific topic I intended to give a signal not to keep debating these kind of matters in the open.
You keep the fire burning this way and with that only raise ideas to some others who use these ideas to blow the whole matter up.

Just citing an old 70’s IBM credo:

“Critics in private
Praises in the open.”

Actually I thought it would have been a good idea to adress something like this to the one insulting, not to the one insulted. But in fact it’s me keeping the fire burning.(?)

Okay, I missunderstood something then. I didn’t get the comparison with Adolf Hitler was an open praise. I apologize for my dumbness. So everyone, keep your open praises coming!

With all respect, vV. This is just ridiculous.


That was exactly what i meant yes.

Yes and sorry that i then not was clear about my intentions.

By keeping the fire burning i mean:now here by opening up another specific topic related to something that is posted elsewhere and most likely also already put up in debate, you bring up the issue in the wide open on another place so it gets definate attention. Yet definate attention the wrong way: Heavy insults beyond respectable level is better reported and not being put up for public debate.

With all due respect:
Heated discussions used get resolved neatly here but lately it seems emotions are getting quite high around here imho far too easy and unnecessary.
If you repeat the sore message in different topics, you spread the bad atmosphere that hangs around that very topic. While i suspect that is the least thing you desire or intented…
You did not made this topic with the intensions to stir up emotions right? But the opposite happens often in these cases. In the better case, the right person feels attacked and responds. In the worst case, someone else feels attacked and responds and perhaps eventually in either case the topic ending up in a flame war.

That is what the mods here like to prevent because we desire that folks have fun here and respect each other.
Nothing wrong with a little disagreement here and there, but flamewars are unnnecessary time-wasters here (anywhere i presume).

Well, I reported the posting before. While there might have been a “slight” lack of patience on my side, not knowing what’s going on with the “personal” issue on a friday afternoon. That’s why I finally decided to post. I get your point, I agree and I doubt you have an easy job. But you might get the idea it’s also not funny to read things like this while apparently none of the staff caring about, which was my impression.

Edit: to add this: You cared about, Taktik replied and my impression was wrong.



I don’t remember who said the hitler thing, but look on the good side.

Over in India, Hitler paraphernalia/memorabilia is really popular, the youth took to it as Hitler showed discipline, leadership skills, dedication and perseverance. They look at him as a role model, a hero and a patriot.


See what their doin there? looking at the good things. :)

Welcome back.

I doubt any comparement that has been made on most places in the world, has been done with your described idea as a ground. The larger part of the world does not think like that.
And specially using Hitler associations against a German is similar to kicking a naked man in his balls with high heels.
Using these kind of expressions also requires considering the consequence. One can pretty easily calculate that incorporating these kind of theories into a discussion can heat up stuff which is definately trolling.

not that I particularly enjoyed that comparison, but he did say “adolf hitler of forums”, and I associated that more with suicide than with mass murder… not defending it, just saying, because fair’s fair…

looking up “second-handers” made me giggle.

not that I like ayn rand or that method of judging “characters”, I don’t believe in it. but maybe I’m just being idealistic.

I’m positive that correlation was never made or intended by the original poster.
If I am to be a villain now, I may as well be good at it, and become a super villain.

Regarding Hitler and forums, here’s an interesting theory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin’s_law

When topics get derailed, lock them. Don’t start topics like this or you’ll probably end up bringing the ones ruining the older topics back. If you’re annoyed by anything that’s on the forum, private messaging the admins or the people involved should do the job. It’s way too common in several forums that I follow, that when someone is treated without dignity, this fellow starts a topic centered on this original bad treatment over some other topic. I have zero + for this sort of topics. In the end: what good are they for? Is there an issue that can not be issued in private? Why drag the cat on the table?

Please Bit_Arts, continue posting your amazing Renoise features and stop tossing the flame around. There are always pyromaniacs about, people who aren’t acting with clear set of mind but with instant impulse.

I was quite surprised when I saw that myself. Rest assured, as dBlue has pointed out, mention of Hitler or the Nazis is generally considered an instant loose. Also I suspect the account that said that was set up specially to troll you after your prima-donna behaviour. (Although maybe I’m just being paranoid on your behalf now. Didn’t think there was anybody on this forum who would be that petty but the join date and (just about) every post seems to suggest that.) I strongly recommend you put that person on your Ignore list.

Anyway I hope this is a welcome back to the forum and hopefully we can get along, learn from each other (sorry but I doubt there is much I can personally help you with tracking as you are far more advanced than me) and continue to see more of the remarkable contributions you first came to the board with.

Remember the Suggestions forum is just that and even if there is a workaround feel free to mention it (please do as not everybody will know it) but bear in mind smooth and easy working is often preferable to workarounds. If you find yourself disagreeing with somebody’s post maybe take a little breather/breath deeply, re-read their post and make sure you haven’t misunderstood something, as this is often the cause of many disagreements.

But most of all don’t forget to make some music!

i guess this was aimed at the admins/mods? i don’t agree with it but wouldn’t it be nice if we could mark our own posts as “off topic”-posts and if someone has got “don’t show off topic posts” toggeled they won’t see those posts.

that way people can throw in injokes, funny lolcats, +1 comments and silly apropos jokes and mark them as “off topic” posts and not derail the thread.

i think that most hardcore forum users agree that off topic stuff is both entertaining (when it’s all e-drama) and a source for interesting ideas (when people just throw in their spur of the moment idea which might be more interesting than the original topic).

oh and please continue to contribute, bit_arts! (=

bit_arts, you’ve got some mad tracking tricks up your sleeve. Keep em coming.

I’m sure if someone on here writes an XRNS that spits out a different catchy tune every time it’s played, that person would be you. (Or me :) )

Hitler was very dedicated, dispciplined and perseveringly ?? LOL and LOL and again :lol: !

In fact he was an insane, throughout egoistic person and a decent pervitin and cocain drug addict during his last days. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methamphetamine (also known as Hitler-speed or crystal, meth)

Finally he killed himself to avoid all responsibilities. What a leader !

And I really understand that it is deeply insulting to compare BA with him.


Or me! :w00t: