What Is This Sound???

I have no idea what this is and it’s in my right ear most of the day. This isn’t a recording of the sound… I created it in max/msp.
I have been having some health issues lately and I don’t know if this has anything to do with it.
(also, my left ear rings at about 12.1 khz most of the day and varies in amplitude throughout the day)
Any ideas? -thanks


This definitely seems like Tinnitus.

As for the sound in your right ear, it’s probably the same thing, but I’ve personally never known anyone to experience such a weird and structured sound in their ear like that, like strange HAM radio signals or something. Perhaps you are a robot?

The Wiki article does mention various different symptoms though, some of which include pulsing and buzzing sounds, and other things like that.

your brain is 90’s internet.

haha holy sh*t… now that’s a long list of causes.
If I’m a robot, whoever built me was an a$$hole ^_^

I know right! I swear somebody in my town is using some stone-age device for communications.
This site is pretty interesting (find active antennas and towers in a 4 mile radius) www.antennasearch.com

just a guess,

use headphones?!
if yes: take a moment and check them with google for possible cases of ear problems with them.
or/and you could give the headphones to a friend (no dj/producer) and let him listen to the same sounds (same average freq and amp) as you do.
then you will know if its too loud/harsh. but best would be to get medical care.

got your mobilephone/messenger/bluetooth- stuff everytime with you?!
use wifi?!
ac/dc power adapters all over the foor?!
amplifieres and old gear running most of the time?!

maybe some symptoms of the influence of electronic smog.

Is it still there in silence (like before sleeping)? does it become louder when you are surrounded by noises ?

I don’t think it is the same thing but I had this kind of noise (with slower modulations) few years ago in a particulary loud environment, that was really short (like if it was triggered by a certain frequency), it happens sometimes mostly when I’m tired in other loud context but maybe 2 times in 5 years.

Wear earplugs to shows, don’t blast music in headphones, take long silent breaks in between audio sessions.

Otherwise known as too little too late, you’re fucked. :(

If it’s new, I’d see a doctor ASAP. In some cases it’s possible to cure it if you don’t wait for too long. I think a friend of mine was told 3-4 days may be ok, but I don’t know if this was advice in his special case or in general.

this is definitively a tinitus!, i had one huge like that for many years (in left hear) + one continuous iiiiiii at approx 18000hz (right) … results: -->>> no sleep, etc etc… these can have many other variations than the “iiiiiiii”, it can also vary from one day to another, depending of tired, stress, coffee/exciting drinks, smoke etc… there are many issues, just google and check for a good one… with my case, no one could help me excepted electric accuponcture once a week for one year… good luck

There’s a new healing method being developed/tested in germany atm.
My girlfriend’s sister took part in the study and it helped, or better, cured her.
It’s based on neuro stimulation. Basically you’re wearing a tone generator (size of a small mp3 player) for a few times a day. You’ll hear some bleeping tones and noises, which are specially “designed” for your individual type of tinnitus. Read some more about it here, more details about the theory behind it here.

Yes, I use Beyerdynamics and I do push them pretty loud most of the time.
Other than that, I have been unplugging everything around me and it has helped a lot.
I think electrosmog is a serious issue but will only be taken seriously once a ton of people start feeling seriously ill. The way things are going, I don’t think it will be too long haha/yikes.

You’re right, more noise does actually bring it out. I noticed it yesterday when I turned the fans in my car on full blast.

That’s amazing, how did she get into that study?

accuponcture (internal electricity massages, practiced by a good doctor) is the key! only one seance and you will allready feel better! trust me

Thanks for the tip. I did get acupuncture but wasn’t sure about the doctor. I’ll definitely try it again with another doctor.

Well, she was lucky. She lives near the town where the research center that developed it is located - and her doctor heard of the study and recommended her, afaik.

NEVER use headphones…especially when producing.

wow that sounds weird. i would definatly go to your physician. never wait with these kind of things!

i sometimes have like this high pitched metally “tiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggg” sound pop which sounds like it’s coming from between my ears. it drouns out all the highs for about 30 seconds and then dies out. luckily it only happens maybe 2 - 4 times a year.

hearing damage is no fun i can tell you that. i have done over 300 dj performances in very loud venues playing hardcore and my last checkup gave me a readout that i have dip in the high frequencies in one ear and a dip in the mid frequencies in the other. quite substantial dips of 15 - 18 db also. kinda is the toll you pay for loving the game a bit too much. :walkman:

nowadays i have speccially measured earplugs with musical filters in them for during the time i am in the venue. not during the performances though… call me stupid but i need to feel and hear the sound to get in the zone :drummer: hahaha

What you are describing does not sound like what I experienced, but just in case you might be having some hearing loss with it I thought I would post the link to something that happened to me last year. I took it very seriously and was glad that I did.


it’s morse code.
People from a different frequency domain are trying to communicate with you.