What is wrong with this Calc function?

It’s in OpenOffice ;


I want to count the number of occurences of text that starts with “ab” in rows A2 to A6.

Both don’t work.

Probably something stupid but I am stupid so I don’t get it.


And my favourite colour is black.

You almost had it.

I believe your function would work in Excel, but OpenOffice uses a slightly different syntax.

Try this instead:

=COUNTIF(A2:A6; "ab.*")


Similarly, to count all cells ending “yz” you’d use:

=COUNTIF(A2:A6; ".*yz")
= COUNTIF(A1:A1000; ".*jeux")

This doesn’t work, it still returns 0.

Oh and is ) a special character?

Completely off topic: I don’t know what’s going on these days, when i write a post in the quick reply editor and press post, it shows up as an empty post. It happened on another forum as well, i really don’t know whats going on?

I have to copy the text every time now and re-edit the post and paste it back in. This is incredibly annoying, anyone an idea what’s going on?

This is why the post above is blank. It was just a bad cat joke anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Help says it should just be * for 0 or more characters, so i guess it’s a bug. Where’s my bug-swatter, damn things are everywhere!


Come back you!

In other words, I give up. :stuck_out_tongue: