What is your favorites Tracker artist ?

I just found this amazing Ftp :


Wich is the biggest collection of tracker song in their original format (Fast tracker Xm, Impulse tracker It, Ect) all well organised Like This : (Tracker Name)(Artist Name)(Songs) ! (And yes By The Way Renoise Is Listed There :P)

So as the collection is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE i would like to know what artist from what traker are your favorite ?

chunter. he uses renoise.
mick rippon. I think he started with IT and now uses renoise.
I just found out about mitch murder and already he’s a favorite. He uses renoise too.
I love Wave too but not sure what he uses I mainly listen to his youtubes and they play him on nectarine a lot.

fast trackers users - bay tremore , mentz , missing organ , ramone
impulse tracker - g-funk, krii, the dane, bacter , kaneel
modplug tracker - spyefex
renoise - bogdan raczynski , venetian snares , asc
pro tracker - randell

also in the Digibooster Pro there’s great mod artist called substance , you can open his tracks in modplug tracker


Purple Motion


this list is so huge, even found myself :) under the name uri at impulsetracker , but crappy tunes :)

Tough call since there are quite a few.

My personal favourites would be:

Purple Motion

Keith303, Venetian Snares

I’m pretty partial to Radix and Reed myself.

haha yeah, i’m listed there as “Delta X (CA)” in ScreamTracker3 and ImpulseTracker :D :D Gotta find under what tracker name they put my old 4channel mod’s tho =)

One name that i remember is Jogeir Liljedahl (using FT2), he is awesome.

Asc, Cristian Vogel, Dev Pandya aka Paradox

Contemporary: D Fast, eatme, Keith303, Mick Rippon, Mitch Murder, and Saine

Old-school: Jogeir Liljedahl, Bjorn “Dr.Awesome” Lynne, Skaven, Lizardking, Moby (a.k.a. El Mobo), Jeroen Tel, Jesper Kyd, Quick/Oxygen, Romeo Knight, Rob Hubbard, Uncle Tom, Firefox & Tip… and all the other that I’ve forgot the name of.

I’ve seen some good actual names passing by, i will add Xerxes, Saine and Hunz to the list, also consider Troupé a good playlist addon.
All time veteran favorite: Dizzy aka Juha Kujanpää

Hitori Tori, Venetian Snares, Richard Divine.

radix, xerxes, virt, nagz, JosSs

Akira Kiteshi

Jogeir Liljedahl, Skaven, Necros, Michiel van den Bos, Alexander Brandon, Purple Motion, Warder, DRQ, Ceekayed, solo, pedro of CBR.

Unreal Tournament FTW! :w00t:

Hey, I’m listed there under IT :D

Stereoman, later on known as Esem, with awesome releases on Defocus and Merck:


Dune, who later became Brothomstates and did a couple of absolutely brilliant releases on Warp Records: